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Ghosn Going Gone...:) :)

President Obama:

Sir I voted for you.  Please STOP making me regret the
30 minutes I wasted waiting in line to do that. 

It's time YOUR administration showed America RESPECT!!!!

Sir, even members of YOUR "fan club" are starting to GET IT!!!

To: Mark Silverman
Gannett's Tennessean Editor
It takes courage to be a leader
Sir, you'll be the hero to the American Taxpayer
Thank You Sir for your patriotism
:):) Sharyn Bovat
The NISSAN Whistleblower

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From: Silverman, Mark <>
To: Sharyn Bovat <>
Sent: Sat, Apr 2, 2011 6:49 pm
Subject: FW: Message to Gannett/Tennessean's editor Mark Silverman

 FYI...I sent this to our business editor.

-----Original Message-----
From: Silverman, Mark 
Sent: Saturday, April 02, 2011 6:49 PM
To: McClain, Randy
Subject: FW: Message to Gannett/Tennessean's editor Mark Silverman 


    This is clearly not the first time issues surrounding the Leaf's battery 
have been raised. With the Congressional stalemate over the federal budget, we 
should revisit the issues of the battery and the federal support it receives. 
Let's discuss.


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From: Sharyn Bovat []
Sent: Saturday, April 02, 2011 6:36 PM
To: Silverman, Mark
Subject: Message to Gannett/Tennessean's editor Mark Silverman 

Mr. Silverman,

When reviewing your messages to me YOU were blowing me off. That scared me 
because you're the editor of the largest paper in Tennessee.

The Renault Three have been deemed innocent and have been vindicated in large 
part due to the actions of the French media, this week It became  obvious the 
Tennessean was not going to write about my whistle blowing and harassment i've 
received due in large part of my vocal concerns about the EV. The accused 
Renault executives had some of the same concerns about the electric cars 
unknowns.  The falsley accuaed spies were lucky for in Paris the press asked 
Renault questions, this forcing transparency.

America has funded Carlos Ghosn's  EV dream  with over a billion dollars of DOE 
loans-stimulas  money and other taxpayer funded sources.

Soon Congress will try to pass a budget that "ups the ante" and in my  
mind that puts too much American taxpayer money on the table.  The   
funds for subsidies need to go to "cars that people will want to buy"  
The Leaf battery was created in the 90's.  It's already proven in "real world" 
driving that it did not meet the 100 miles per charge expectations.  Also ghosn 
says he'd have to sell a million of them before the Leaf will become 
"profitable".  That's Not going to happen with that design and the inconsistant 

Current Concern:
Quick chargers should not be built until America has one plug in standard for 
fast chargers.  Too much money is being wasted and YOUR paper remains silent. 
??? WHY

Americans are suffering in this bad economy.   The people need the  
press to aak the tough questions and to report the news that will promote better 
use of taxpayer spending

Please read

Thank you sir and have a great night!!!
Peace and Reapect

Sharyn Bovat

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