The Original Blog of the NISSAN Whistleblower 
Mr. Corker
Dear Senator,

My name is Sharyn and I've put messages on my website to Mr. Bredeson and Mr. Alexander and I did not want you to feel left out.


I flew to LA the day of the riots started and even got a tour.  Many people were confused and looking for explanations. It was an uncomfortable time for Californians.  Many in affluent suburbs lived in "bubbles" kind of like that of Williamson County in Tennessee.   Some wanted a quick fix.    Maybe a slogan???   It was out of control.  It needed experts and a community dedicated to change.    

Recently Nissan found a problem that was "out of control"   and they have to bring in experts to make change.  

Sir, You and I have something in common.   We both LOVE America.

That said....  I did some research and you sir have LOTS of friends. 

I know some of them. 

I went to a BBQ in Dallas in the early 90's and sat next to a guy who's dad was in charge of the FBI and he became a member of congress.... WOW!!!  

Lots of people were there. 

I had it confirmed that BIG BUSINESS (oil) with the help of a foreign nation were taking over the political party using religion as a tool.  The puppet master was in TX.   The reason I bring this up is that most at Nissan North America employee's  thought their puppet master was The Global HR leader, not a "higher authority".  Mr. Corker those in 1992 thought their leader was Haley Barbour.  They did not know who was controlling the "strings". 

In both cases, Good people were taken advantage of and they gave their time and money to be foot soldiers for a battle they did not understand.

Some of those special interest groups have given you money including the trucking industry (??), Real Estate and Oil.  Sir, I understand the American political system and I do NOT have any problems with you getting money from lobbyist. 
It's the American way.  

I do have a ????

You support the electric car.  Was  it a one time PORK stimulus get jobs in TN "short term" but my long term loyalty is to the Friends" that gave me money support???  Do you believe like I do that America went to war for oil???
My "Thought" maybe it would be good to build infrastructure nationwide by 2020-2025 to show those brave troops that had friends die that they will not have to worry about their grandchildren fighting the same battle???  

America....  time to wake up!!!!
Let's commit to making America Independent, create LONG term jobs in Tennessee and make the planet healthy.

Have A Great Day!!!!


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