The Original Blog of the NISSAN Whistleblower 

to Anita MonCrief

Anita MonCrief…. 

Thank You for your kind note!!!!

My goal is to work and enjoy my life ( I really want to be in charge of diversity and CSR)  if I do not hear from NISSAN soon I might be contacting you for I will take the road your traveling on,  it looks fascinating.   I  admire people like you that can "speak up" for what they believe. 

Anita I read you’re a ex-liberal and get this I'm an ex-conservative.  

We can be the Yin/Yang of political commentary.  

???  Would YOU like to do a project together. 

I’ve been around the “big fish” in politics and understand the "issues" and I’ve seen clips of your commentary and together we’ll be “the package”....  America will LOVE us.  

Anita like you I have the courage to SPEAK !!!

We'll call our TV show "Skirts Speak"!!!!   wow!!! 

Let’s call Fox and see if they’ll do a “tryout”….  I’m sure they’d LOVE to have an “auto” whistleblower.  Fox LOVES to hear about wasteful spending of taxpayer money too.

I want them to understand that I'll "fight" on TV for the EV for I do not want a 3rd war for oil.

Anita, I’ve been battling this “good ole boy” network for over a year, I’m tired and want to MOVE ON!!!!

Sharyn Bovat             615-415-6675

NISSAN Whistleblower


From: Anita MonCrief [mailto:a&&&&&&&&. com]
Sent: Wednesday, July 14, 2010 8:25 AM
To:                                                                                                                                             Subject: Sharyn Bovay

I was intrigued by Sharyn's story and as a whistle blower who has been fighting a powerful foe, I would love to offer her some support, or any help in getting her story out. I went from unknown to blogging and writing for a number of sites, I have testified in court and appeared before Congress. The road is never easy and sometimes you need a support network. Please pass along my email to Ms. Bovay and thanks for visiting my blog.


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