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2011 "Sharyn" Spy Shots

The design team has completed the styling of the  2011 edition of the "Sharyn"

Unlike years past when the features were reminiscent of the "Molly Ringwald"  era this 
Sharyn takes on a "Susie Orman" no nonsense look.  Although for weekend use the Sharyn is targeting a "different" demographic.  

Those marketing the Sharyn are aware that there's bravery in offering this edition in certain parts of the USA, mainly regions in the south.

It's been rumored that the 2011 Sharyn is much more complicated than previous editions for it has LOTS of buttons.  If the wrong button is pressed the beeping and chirping is annoying and has been compared to the lane departure system offered by the luxury Japanese manufacturer Infiniti.

As in previous generations of the Sharyn this edition maintains the same engine that was installed by her parents in 1965. Many have said that the Sharyn has been beaten up by lessor performing models like the Kelly, Stout or Chapman yet the 2011 Sharyn is loaded with a navigation system that is standard and can steer the driver quickly to the intended destination, success. 

This Sharyn can be previewed at the Williamson County Court House on Tuesday September 7th at 9am.  We've been told the lot will be "filled" with competitors but the heart of the 2011 Sharyn  has been recharged and believes that "Skirts can Speak" even in Tennessee.

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NISSAN   Have A Great Weekend!!!    Sharyn
FYI  a viewer forwarded me a "treat" for Mr. Morton that said to my viewer in Greenville keep checking back YOU won't want to miss this.   :) :)  
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