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To: Infiniti

???   Infiniti do YOU want to make money

The M coupe idea is insane.  Large coupes were popular with my parent’s generation and those of us in our 40’s want “smaller” cars.    Even your new attractive redesigned M is getting crushed by Lexus.

I just don’t understand you have the opportunity to “clean up” your reputation and in 3 years you could triple your volume worldwide (maybe even more).  Infiniti… You could be the “next” luxury car choice for the “next” generation of luxury car buyers.   Decisions you make today will determine if you’re successful in 2012-2014.  

So you’re adding a 3rd SUV the DX to the line-up when you’re not leaders in that type of car makes sense ONLY because it’s going to be smaller, affordable luxury and more fuel efficient.   

Infiniti you’re a “leader” with the G

You need to make products that add to YOUR STREGTH!!!!!

For success YOU NEED a SMALL SEDAN ….Don’t do a small hatchback they look too much like crossovers.   Crossovers are on their way “out” as far as trends go... people will still buy them but not as many.

You need a “luxury” van.  One with 2 business class seats in the second row and an optional 3rd row in case of extra passengers. 

We’re targeting the “Dr’s Wife” demographic.  They tend to have fewer children yet want luxury.  We’ll give those Escalade mom’s something to “switch” to. VERY IMPORTANT Your New QX56  is too “macho” so you need a “skirt friendly luxury family option”.   Globally the small sedan and the van are a WIN~WINInfiniti today there is "limited" balance in your line-up. Adding different engines is fantastic.  Now add some "choice".   You'll make $$$ and after you get the EV You'll have a "complete" line-up.

If YOU want a bigger piece of the Luxury  “pie” you need to change your “options” on the M and figure out how to please realtors and the pharmaceutical reps.  That want luxury without the expense of the bells and whistles.  


Bottom Line: You need to make the type of cars that more people want to buy.

NISSAN I’m NOT an expert on cars.  Although I can see the “big” picture and finally it “popped”  on how YOU can make Infiniti a “global” Blockbuster….

I have more but I won’t put it on the website. 

Remember this is "Just a “thought”.

Have A Great Day!!!!         Sharyn

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet

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