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to: motorsports web guy

                                                                                                      Sir,  I really like your work.  Can you PLEASE "tweak" the Zero Emissions web site and get rid of that flickering "disposable" battery.    The cheesy signs have to go to.  The handwritten signs are "cute" but look LOW BUDGET!!!

Just think about the planet and do your best to get the impression out to people that this is "high tech" yet user friendly.   This is the "New Car" of the future. Focus on the "cost saving"  this is IMPORTANT!!!  The goal is to make that Lovely LEAF sell well in America.  Sir, This car is important to the planet.  We've got to get hundreds of thousands of hard working Americans to buy this in the next few years so JOBs can be created in Tennessee.  

Since August I've shown a picture of this car to 50+ people ...  Guess how many "thought" it was attractive.   The answer is the same as the amount of emissions coming from the tail pipe.  GET IT!!!  Outside the bay area it's going to be a "tough" sell.   Don't worry the problem is solved.

NISSAN this LEAF will be a winner nationwide if you market to the "right" demographic merely on the "cost savings issue".  

Those people on "fixed" incomes ages 55 and up seem to be our best potential demographic.   Those that took early retirement and have the time to deal with the charging etc. 
Del Webb communities for the "young at heart" crowd are a perfect group for the LEAF.  Most are upper middle class active retirees' many use "plug in" golf carts to use within the gates of their communities.   These MEGA planned communities would be   perfect partners  (note to Blue Citizenship)Heck, maybe they could install chargers like that other developer whose "onboard" ???  People in the Del Webb demographic will
find the "contained" Electric Fuel Cost Fantastic.  One gentleman told me he didn't care about it's look if he could save $100 a month on gas.

Bottom line to "fixed income" America It's all about the  $$$.
Also, We'll have to let that group "plug in" America and the Electric Coalition to play the ENERGY INDEPENDENCE & the "No 3rd War for Oil" "trump" card.   
Making the EV "homeland security" is KEY to mainstream acceptance.   It will also create LOTS of jobs in America.  Did someone get Ronald Reagan Jr. on board???  

Besides the "early retirees & "green addicts" We're going to have to have to admit it's not "eye candy" and tell educated America this is "organic" and "socially responsible". To those people with the perfect "emotionally driven"  message the car will be "attractive".  BLUE Citizenship will be the perfect "tool" for getting those emotionally "driven" EV customers onboard.  Anybody purchasing a LEAF will get a BLUE Citizenship Membership Card that can get them "good" discounts at "partners".  Starbucks  10% for LEAF owners that "LOVE the Planet" would be Fantastic!!!  Lets team up with a bank and maybe some members will be able to "swipe" their cards to pay for quick charging.   YES!!!  The card can be a "credit card" too.  Globally Accepted.  Offer  "rebates on purchases to go towards the "charging"..  YES!!!  Much better than those airline mileage cards..  WOW!!!!  That's a winner.   

??? Is Marriott on board with those "overnight" charging stations at the Courtyard hotels on highway 5 (the Independence Highway).  I see in Japan some hotels their are doing "great" things.

New "thought"  BLUE Citizenship Lets  get  Trader Joe's as a partner, we need chargers in those parking lots.  That crowd ...the touchy feely types that drive Subaru Outbacks already "love the planet.  We can get them to Shift_  to the EV.  

Recently I heard the infiniti EV is NOT coming out till 2014  :(  My guess is Daimler gets to release there luxury EV a year or two before??? The good news is their using NISSAN batteries.   Win~Win

Sir, back to the web site planning in reference to the photo above with the planet with the panda....  Could you do something similar with your NISSAN "bear"???       

I'm thinking of  NISSAN web "link" to share with schools to educate children on the need for the EV.....  Your Bear will be the "teacher".

Have A Great Day!!!    Sharyn
Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet

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