The Original Blog of the NISSAN Whistleblower 

could it be an "iSpiracy

Message to Apple & NISSAN

OMG!!!   Apple

Do you have miniature sleeper cell operatives strategically planted in affluent elementary schools in disguise.  Posing as present seeking 3rd graders.

I believe a successful propaganda campaign was created and the  iWant syndrome invaded many children.  

This sentence spoken by my 9 year old. “If Santa REALLY exists I’ll get an iPad”  the rhetoric was ultimately successful. 

Continuing with the “iSpiracy” I see a possible alliance with a super sized bearded man dressed in red festive attire living a land “North of Palin country.”

My little girl asked Santa directly for an iPad  & the jelly belly giant said “sure” and winked at me.  Then the “elf” disguised as a “photographer” told me to “go the the 2nd floor” where I found “Santa’s little Tennessee workshop aka The Mac Authority a store whose destination makes many parents “angry birds” but then they cave to the spirit of the holiday. 

Prior to the "Mission Being Accomplished"  they roll their eyes in disbelief that their really doing this extravagant act just to see a smile on their child’s face as they willingly turn over US greenbacks to become iBoughters. 

So tomorrow my little girl will go from iWant to iHave and AFTER setting up this piece of new technology this mom’s impressed.  WOW!!!  iWant one too.   

NISSAN YOU really need to make the navigation systems in the “new Sentra” an iPad. 

By partnering with Apple to “tweak” your navigation system you’ll truly be the  most “innovative” auto company doing business in the US.  It’s a Win~Win.

Have A Great Day!!!     Sharyn

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