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Bob The Boat

My god if America wants compensation for the “biggest” environmental disaster it might take away funds to pay to support “Bob”.  It’s truly “sad” to think of a negligent CEO without a competitive yacht. 

America we need to support Mr. Hayward in his “passion” for sport so let’s forget about the livelihood of the fishermen, the land values of the gulf coast homeowners, and the wildlife.   This oil “leader” needs his “down time” and luckily in America we have our “good ole boy” members of congress are going to make sure he’s OK.  

It’s disgusting!!!!     I’m beginning to “think” What’s the point.

Bottom Line:  Average Red State America and worse “Swing” state Americans are not impressed with the president and he can change that since the Greedy Good Ole Boy Elite have the door open.  

Many of us in America respect President Obama but fear he does not have it in him to “get tough” and LEAD.

Mr. Biden… you sir in the press look as if YOU just got a manicure and your afraid to touch anything.  It’s time for YOU to be a VP who’s “in the game”.  Get a little dirty.  Take some shots at the “Good Ole Boy Elite”. 

Congress:  America desperately wants someone to cheer for someone that is fighting for them & sticking up for the “average guy’.  The “Good Ole Boy Elite are GREAT with Rhetoric that appeals to “hard working America”.   Yes!!!  The Greedy Elite communicate much better to those “average” workers in America.    It’s time the Moderates changes their “tone” if they want success.

The Moderates in congress those that want to create good legislation that makes America better need a spokesperson.   As of now YOUR message is “lost in translation”   You need a Speaker that will make America  “get it” and support the president, basically  make them understand YOU (the congress) is working for them.    This might keep “some” of you elected too.

“Thought” since Mr. Obama continues to look like a member of the educated elite and many people are feeling disconnected with him.   Someone in his administration needs to be a “VOICE of the People” a good communicator with simple rhetoric.  He/she needs to make some strong statements that can become “sound bites” for news channels.

Do it  NOW!!!  Please do something NOW or the door might close.

Former President Clinton:  those that tarnished YOUR reputation are showing their “true” colors. You sir need to go to Ohio, Florida, the Carolina’s and speak.  You got America out of debt.  Tell the swing states about your vision for a better America one that has less pollution, one that creates jobs, and VERY IMPORTANT Freedom from relying on volatile regions for oil. 

You can change YOUR Legacy NOW!!!

At Starbucks in Alpharetta GA two ladies were having a conversation about the corrupt members of congress and I decided to insert myself into the conversation.  One lady said “she missed Bill Clinton”.  I asked if she voted for you..  She said NO.  

Now is the time for you to “go on the road” and become a spokesperson for “reasonable government”.  President Obama will need you as a surrogate speaker if he wants a second term.  America needs to know that if this energy bill passes will the debt be out of control.   You can tell them jobs will be created giving the US more tax revenue.  It’s just simple logic and I think America will trust YOU.

It’s your time to Shine again…..   Mr. Clinton take back YOUR good name in America the door it open.

Have a Great Weekend!!!!                     Sharyn

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