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Getting Back to Jed

A marine took me to red square on my last day in Russia.  The words out of my mouth “it’s beautiful”.  The Marine profoundly said:

 “it looks good on the outside but on the inside it’s a mess”.  

Bait and Switch

….When all of this was presented to the EC, Ghosn and Morton rejected all of the BCG findings for one reason or another. The EC asked how they could move forward when the report showed it was a bad decision. Ghosn's reply was "Now you know all of the questions that  the press will ask. You have to come up with the answers to them. We are moving to TN, deal with it." 

…. Jed and all the executives were given until Feb 1/06 to make their decision to move. Jed announced that he was going to make the move.  This was a MAJOR factor for all the other directors in their decisions. Since Jed said he was going and said things would be ok, most of the executives said yes. Jed went to TN and signed a lease  for a town home. Now if an executive changed his mind, then he lost his bonus for moving AND his severance package AND his executive double retirement/benefits package, which would put him at the same level as a manager. So there were some big reasons to go for most of them. 

 In the middle of February 06, Ghosn called Jed to a meeting in Paris and said "you are finished and no longer needed here". He got his package and was out the door. Now all the people that had counted on him to help save the company in TN were screwed. Just as Ghosn and  Morton planned……….

Jim Morton and Carlos Ghosn treated “too many” employees that worked so many hours and sacrificed during the NRP so shabbily.  They tore apart the “trust” that loyal longterm employees had with the company.  Nissan lost priceless intellectual property.

NISSAN, your building looks great on the outside but the inside is a mess”….  Sharyn

Tear down the wall created by greed and treat people with RESPECT.  

NISSAN  ???  Do YOU want MORE

My “thought” Time for Change!!!! 

Have A Great Day!!!              Sharyn

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet




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