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Knowledge is Power and some Politicians (Sarkozy) and Business Men (Ghosn) Have Profited from Gaddafi & the Lockerbie Cover Up


The world cannot keep nurturing politicians that became profiteer from the Pan Am tragedy.  Nicolas Sarkozy has done that.   I've heard that when he goes so will Ghosn.  That is my motivation.  


At Nissan Ex CIA are used by Ghosn to assist in “keeping control” I was told this on the executive floor at the Nissan North America HQ.    I believe that Ghosn’s allies have tried to discredit me because they know that I'm a credible research worker …get it.  


For almost 3 years Carlos Ghosn's people have terrorized me and others & I want that to end.  I also want strict sanctions on Iran and for our Allies to “do the same”.


France & Renault helps the Iranian economy and Iran using their car platforms for their missiles. 

Ironically some of the “same” parts will be used in Mexico to build future New York City taxis.  In a way the people that suffered from terrorism on 9-11 are now indirectly funding Iran and extremist whose goal is to kill us.


American troops deserve to not have their government's not deal with terrorist.  By America giving over I billion tax dollars via a DOE loan from our Treasury bank at an interest rate of LESS than 1% to a company whose parent Renault is French (a country that does business with Iran) and NISSAN/Renault is led by a man who will  "deal with terrorist" I'm speaking up for humanity. 


Now I will contact the Scottish justice system to open up the Lockerbie case.  It’s time for transparency  


My lawyer texted me during my daughter’s 10th birthday party and NOW I have a jury trial on February 1st and I'm going to ask that the Lockerbie cover up and French “role” be part of my defense


My arrests are connected to that of 3 men at Renault were accused of being spies in January 2011 and I’m the one that knew that they were innocent from day 1.  I believe that the man who was SVP of Administration and Finance in July 2009, the man who spoke to congress to get OVER 1 billion dollars is the man that ordered the harassment of me (the whistleblower) his name is Dominique Thormann and after I blogged about him being a bad spender of taxpayer money literally HOURS later it was announced he was going to a “unannounced” job at Renault.  Then a year later in 2010 Ghosn made Thormann CFO of the French company (Nissan’s partner).  I was arrested in 2010 about the same time internally at Renault the “framing” or discrediting of 3 executives.  Hundreds of thousands of euros were given to frame the men and I believe it was Thormann who signed off on it.  The French Government under Sarkozy let Renault do an “internal” investigation.  


FYI -I do not have an opinion on who was exactly guilty of the Lockerbie bombing I just know that the only person jailed by the Scottish Courts at the trial in the Netherlands did not act alone. Many people including me do not believe that Libya is solely responsible.


The New York Times in 2007 wrote Libya’s Gaddafi funded the election of French President Sarkozy

Tennessee is now playing with Terrorist.   It’s time to support out troops and put America 1st.


On August 6th an award winning editor from Gannett  (who lost his job because of politics) Mark Silverman and I had dinner at Giovanni's in downtown Nashville and that night the Ben Bradlee winner told me that I could help give closure to the Lockerbie families.   


Earlier he said they had “vetted” me.  One night at Boscoe’s in Cool Springs he told me that they have a 3 part process of vetting and my facts check out.  He specifically mentioned the dates and facts I had blogged about in reference to Carlos Ghosn connecting him to Iran Contra.  In the mid 80’s/early 90’s I did low level research work &  lot of traveling my mom dated my dad’s best friend a 747 captain known as the "gun runner" for an airline with CIA contracts during Iran/Contra.  Last year  I gave Mr. Silverman of Gannett his name and the name of another pilot of that era. 




In 1984 Carlos Ghosn's was in charge of a small division of Michelin a French company.   Michelin promoted him in 1985 to head of South American when deals were being made with Iran.  He then got promoted in 1990 after the Lockerbie "cover up".  Ghosn's right hand man at NISSAN he met a Michelin his name  Jim Morton and he’s connected to Lee Atwater, who  was a brilliant strategist who “thought out” some really complicated deals. 


FYI someday it will be known that it was George Bush (H) who was responsible freeing Mandela & ending Apartheid.  This happened by making Libya take ALL the responsibility for the Lockerbie crash.
I believe: The CIA during Bush's presidency ensured the end of communism, Reagan’s legacy & built a mid eastern intelligence network that has protected us from serious nuclear attacks.


Back to Ghosn~Lebanon~France~Iran~Lockerbie


In 1992 while being a tourist in Bahrain I spent time with a Lebanese journalist.  He had a thank you party for the outgoing state department that were BUSH friendly.   I learned that night that "legitimate"

Lebanese business men were used in the cover up of Lockerbie.  The French were aligned with the Lebanese.   They provided the Champagne for the party.


The French buy Iranian oil and sell Iran weapons & the French have profited greatly from America NOT being able to sell to Iran.   The French are partly responsible for Iran having the economic where with all to fund the creation of a nuclear weapon. 


FYI the New York Times says that Gaddafi funded Sarkozy & Sarkozy is a BIG Ghosn supporter.  Ghosn is the CEO of Nissan and Renault, and at Renault 3 men were accused falsely of being spies.


Ending Apartheid & Nelson Mandela’s Release was part of WHY America wanted  Lockerbie Cover Up


South African Bishop Desmond Tutu's daughter (Naomi) and I were waiting for flights in the Delta airport lounge the summer of 2007.   I was taking my daughter to Brussels & she was taking her son to Johannesburg.


We talked about what led to the end of apartheid and how "change" happens.


Today, I believe the “cover up” of Iran's involvement was "smart" geo political maneuvering. 


Iran had stopped selling oil to South Africa due to apartheid and had we blamed Iran then the sales would have started and apartheid would have lasted LONGER.  Mandela would have remained in prison.  Also, America could not afford to go to war with multiple Middle Eastern countries.  Apartheid ended…EMBARGO’s WORK.


It’s important to remember that Iran has been America's enemy since the Carter administration & now that Gadaffi (a horrible tyrant) is gone it's OK to speak up about Iran's most likely role.


Knowledge is Power and some Politicians and Business Men Have Profited from the Lockerbie Cover Up


The problem is over the years players in the Lockerbie cover up (like) Ghosn, Sarkozy friends & financiers and eventually Tony Blair became corrupt.   Now that corruption has infested the State of Tennessee. 


Thank you for reading,


Sharyn Bovat




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