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To: Brian Carolin

"My Country Knows I'm Here".... was all I said to those keeping me in an abandon building in Leningrad after I was taken by force from my hotel room strapped to a board.  Clearly  I heard clicks and loud talking...  doors slam.  People would come and stare at me.  Part of that time of my life I might NEVER remember.  

My doctor wants me to try an eye laser technology that will help me remember.  I decided not to do that at this time.  Looking for something less intrusive I've "thought" about getting help from a clinical hypnotherapist but I took that off the table.  Instead I choose to believe the there's a reason some memories are blocked. I don't want to forget them.  ???  How can you forget things that you don't remember.   Instead I choose to "Move On" and go forward and to stay busy. I get periodic flashbacks that are slowly putting together puzzle pieces and maybe my mind
wants me to "digest" all I've been through slowly.  That could be how "nature" intended it to be. 

Back to NISSAN

Brian Carolin
your an educated man.    Sir, I classify you as part of the "Educated Elite".
You've got lots of respect at NISSAN on both sides.  Your in charge of sales and you have to make everyone happy.   

Personally I don't think you connect with the "average" American because your NOT American and your way too intelligent.  

Sir, your smart and played ball on two teams &  that Shift_ thing you've got down pat.  I identified you as "Teflon" early on and I think no matter what happens in the end you'll be OK. 

Ironically, because of "two team" players like you in communist Leningrad I'm alive today.
toward the end of communism people did not know which side was going to be the winner.   Many played on "both" teams.   

I've been told that I'm lucky to be alive today and I know it.   I see a sunny day and I smile for I'm alive to enjoy it.  On a trip to China In 2008 when Bobby in Chengdu told our little group to be happy for we are alive today .... I got it!!!(our group was one the first to go back to Chengdu to hug Pandas after the tragic earthquakes). I knew where Bobby was "emotionally" coming from 

Mr. Carolin, there was arguing and door slamming in that abandon building in Leningrad because some wanted to kill me and others did not.  Eventually a decision had to be made.  That meant someone who played on "two teams" had to step of to the plate and pick a team color.   They had to make a statement.   That person was brave.  

I owe that man my life.  One of the reasons I give back to society is for him. 

Sir  ???   Pick a Color.
OK  I'll state is better ??? choose "one team" how about one whose colors are red and yellowish gold..   

Ronald Reagan inspired me.  His top people were loyal to him and the supply chain of foot soldiers followed orders to make success (change)  happen.  Leadership was trusted and some people worked without asking why or "who was really paying them" ...but they trusted leadership to do the "right" thing.  We believed!!! 

Communism ended in Russia and the wall fell when Bush #1 was technically the  president. Althought the Reagan people still saw the "mission" as Reagan's and are the ones that "really" made it happen.  

That was the true last American victory that we as a country can say "MISSION Accomplished".

Today history books from ALL over the world give that victory to Ronald Reagan.  

I would call Ronald Reagan performance on committment to "Freedom" INSPIRED.

This History Book is incomplete on the "Clinton Era".  My thought he'll look pretty good to those in future generations.   Bush #2 could be known as America's "evil era".  

Jeb Bush...  You Sir can change that.  

My name is Sharyn Bovat.   I was a republican today I'm a democrat.  Still I vote for the best candidate.... "Performance Matters".   

Sir, if you join a bipartisan commission that makes "change" one that promote
Freedom from pollution~Peace of mind for Americans that they'll have  fixed "electric" fuel costs and Independence from America relying on volatile regions for oil. 

Jeb Bush my "thought"  YOU could be the "change agent" for the Republican Party.  
You can make the Bush name good again.  

~Very Important~

Jeb Bush....History will be much kinder to your family if YOU help solve the problems.   

I think my proposal is a Win~Win.

Have a Great Day!!!     Sharyn
Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet

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