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To: Stout~Becker~Tavi

"Let's Get This Party Started" ......Hannah Montana

Hello Boys!!!

My Hope is "New" Day Care is Arriving & Carlos Tavares is Closing the Play Pen.


Last week a "gun loving" Tennessean asked me how many people I was going to throw under a bus on this Fight for Fairness.  I said "I'm not throwing anyone under a bus it's a QX56 and The NISSAN executives that acted unethically deserved being exposed on this web site and I hope someday MORE publicly, this web site is NOTHING compared to what they've done to society"  &  I paused...." don't blame the messenger". 

NISSAN:Just to let you know I do have a copy of what appears to be "The Good Ole Boy Roster". 

???  Allen Child were YOU the "Good Ole Boy" social director.   I did attend a Bourbon tasting last year exclusively for a "select" group of NISSAN executives.  I was invited because I was being recruited by the French Fringe who thought I was playing ball with Greg Kelly.  Oops ???  How could they have "thought" that.  Answer: Mr. Tavares knows how.   Remember I tell him EVERYTHING.  


Tracy Woodard was "kind" to the French Fringe and she and Andrew Tavi talked about "me" at the Henpeck Market last November.  Huh....could Tavi be a "bad" guy.   ??? Maybe. 

Remember there's ALWAYS a twist at the end.    The finale to the "Stealth Skirt is Coming".  I'll give you a hint......  For MONTHS I've complained about being "monitored" at Starbucks.

NISSAN the Truth Matters...Time to be Transparent

???  Why did Mr. Becker "mid day" put on workout shorts and a baseball hat to go to Starbucks. 

???  Was he taking vacation.

???  Is it a new dress code" for top executives at NISSAN.

Mr. Becker...  I asked Greg Kelly this last May & I "think" he wishes he answered differently.

Sir, Do YOU want to play ball.

~Another Memory~

Years ago Gerald Ford told me to "always know who's controlling the ball".  In relation to today I think at NISSAN North America it's Carlos Tavares thats why I can be so "BOLD"  he has the power (the ball) and YOU Mr. Becker  fumbled. OUCH!!!!    Sir, do NOT dive into a tank of sharks if your "swimming" is NOT 100%.  My God...77 lawyers in that building  YOU  control and I'm still speaking.  Remember what I told Greg Kelly "I'm strong and I've got the truth".

One More thing.....Some LEAFS change color and change direction depending on how the "wind is blowing".....  If they're not careful LEAFs can get "crushed"....even their "leaders"    I believe in ZERO  Emission transportation and being consistent have a ZERO tolerance for lack of loyalty.  GET IT!!! 

Have A Great Night    :) :)  Sharyn   and the wall is crumbling down..

Love Cars~Love People~Love Honesty~Love the Planet

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