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Thoughts RNC Debate

Sharyn Bovat's Candid & Initial Reactions of the Candidates at the RNC Debate  

1-3-2010 from Cosi in Washington DC

Wagner:  seemed to have strong Tea Party supporters in the crowd yet unlike Sarah Palin was very articulate and seemed likable.  Wagner like me thinks of bars before books J J  Watch out RINO’s this lady packs heat…  she has 16 guns.  She’s my choice for who I would like to be a houseguest for because she seemed like the kind of person that would have a guestroom supplied with fancy bottled water and sheets with a high thread count.

Cino reminded me of Sister George from my “younger days” and I’d like to meet her in Chicago for deep dish pizza and drinks.   She talked with her hands a lot and for being petite you could tell she powers a strong punch.  Of all the candidates she seemed the most professional and would do best on the Sunday talkshows.

Anuzis:  I was impressed with his sense of determination to get the chairman’s position but by luck of the draw he was sandwiched between two personable women & seemed lost in the crowd which was odd since he was the tallest and had the best handouts.  

Priebus: is a puppet for Haley Barbour and those in the audience knew it

Steele:   I liked him & he respects all people and  I believe that “regular” America likes him because he’s does not pretend to be perfect but he keeps trying to do his job (even with roadblocks) most important the perception is that he has good intentions. 

This RINO’s opinion….If the RNC members do not re elect him he still needs to play a role in the party.

FYI RNC The debt and jobs is what AMERICA cares about.  Too much talk about “social” issues and this RINO is still hungry.   The economy is bad and hearing too much about “marriage & abortion” was not what “this skirt that speaks” wanted to hear.  

YES!!!  I know the debate was for the RNC chair and not the platform but the chairman sets the agenda and this RINO’s  goal is coalition building to make America better.  The two candidates that addressed that were Cino and Steele.   So if I have to select a winner I would call it a“tie”.

Politco quickly made the point

Gawker reported on my favorite moment.


WSJ covered the “gun” count

Girl in the Black Honda Viewers below is what I wrote about the Good Ole Boy mindset and my hope is the party of Lincoln can “move on”.  This RINO would be comfortable with 4 out of the 5 she saw today and at least that’s a start.  Still for “if” RNC you want to take back the white house remember the lesson from years past “it’s the ECONOMY $#@&^!”

Have A Great Day!!!!

Peace and Respect

Sharyn Bovat


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