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Last week Sharyn was all about the Sentra.   It was my mission to figure out a way to make that car shine....   Those "thoughts" have been expressed so it's time to MOVE ON.   **Change topics**  

NISSAN My viewers of this website are from all over.... Here are a few locations.

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While watching the Daily Show last night  (it's the only show I admit to watching religiously)  it's a great escape from this epic 10 month+ Battle for "SKirts" Rights.   The show redirects my mind...  EXCEPT!!!  Lately it seems Like there's ALWAYS  a NISSAN or Infiniti commericial.  FYI...I do like the voice of the guy talking about the painted dust.   It's got me "intrigued" about the new M.  

Hey, I might be getting a new job. New cars "feel good" and I might get a discount. So my search started...  Yet buying cars is a family decision and after taking my 2nd opinion (my child)  for a drive through the NISSAN and Infiniti lots....   We have a winner...  Read on.

Her 1st choice...   The Cube!!!   OMG...  that selection must be nature not nurture.   I said "we're not getting a cube".   She said... "if they ever let you back in that building I'm going to visit and tell your manager you think it's UGLY".   I said  "they already know.... and if your quiet about mommy's comments for the next decade maybe  you'll get a cube when you go to college".   

Note to Sharyn.... Don't talk (about  ANYTHING) in front of the child.  

FYI.  I never showed my website to my child until recently... yet others have.  
???  Who  -  Teenagers with I phones. 

Back to the car search.  Her second favorite car was the "Z" (that's nurture:) She LOVED the front zig zag lights.....   which oddly people over 35 are "iffy" on them ( I have some theories but I see that car as an icon and how ever NISSAN decides to present it's perfect).  The coupe definiatly has so much more style.    In reference to the "Z"  My child wisely said "where would $#&*@# sit" (that's her friend).  The wisdom of an 8 year old.  A sports car is not it.

Bottom Line: My daughter wants a backseat entertainment system.   NISSAN if you offered those entertainment systems in a "Mom's package" in the Sentra, Altima and Maxima you'd sell some extra sedans.   Nothing is more enjoyable than driving with a "quiet" child.  

Research tells me Mom's want.  They want those headphones happily on the ears of their little ones and they want a tray table  to keep the french fries from falling on teh floor.  They want rubber mats and a hook for backpacks.  The like "a see through" mesh seat pocket so their children will know where there nintendo is.    Like everywhere all around the world parents want their children to be happy.  Many mom's purchased larger vans just for the child friendly amenities yet have found with higher gas prices that smaller is better.  By having these amenities in a sedan it's a Win~Win.   

We then drove to Infiniti.   My child immediatly liked the G coupe.  I asked "don't you think a 4 door would be better???"  she said "you won't have to worry about me falling out"  ...Good comment.  on long road trips I worry when she leans against the door.  I'm a part time parent so the excess time to help her out is not that big of an issue.   She said she wanted red I said I'm the parent so it's black...  She wants a DVD entertainment system and I want her quiet so that was a quick decision....  OK... Mission Complete.  

If my "dream" job comes through my Honda will turn into a "G".     

To Honda....  My CRV is a great car... Thank You!!! 
A few months ago I wrote a "rant" about my dealership experience...  see below.    I must say I've been taken care of "in a good way" by those at Daryll Waltrop HONDA in Franklin.   Thanks.

This was written in early February.....
HONDA I have to tell you the  peeople at Daryll Waltrop in Franklin are fantastic.   Funny…. Up until about 6 months a couple of the guys kept telling customers   “We’ll take good care of your vehicle , we take pridc in being the Best ‘Good ole Boy’ Team in Tennessee”.   They have stopped doing that.   

Similar to most business establishment the “primary” channel on the television in the waiting room was on FOX.  I wanted to change the channel to Oprah.  “NO” the customers like FOX.  If it was a game of survivor I would have been voted off the waiting room island.   The other customers were enjoying  the “visual” of Al Gores book in the snow and they mocked Obama.  This college age kid in the waiting room called CNN “ the  Communist New Network”.  Oh did I want to say something , you betcha!!!  I was silent…..I just listened.  I’ve learned there’s no point …the lady sitting next to the boy said .. “God is responsible for the Eviroment” (she forgot the “n” and made it sound like a disease….  She commented after   another  clip of the book  inconvinient truth propped up so it was surrounded by falling snow in DC…When they started cannonizing Sarah Palin I went to the very nice business center. 

OK...  I got off my "path" today's to topic is 

???  Where Do You Want to Be in Your Infiniti....

We'll my "secret" show.  The TV show I don't admit to watching (kind of like Jazzercise) is the Real Housewives of Orange County.  It's truly mindless entertainment. It's like watching the girls from Clueless when they grew up.  These women in there 30's and 40's wear the fashionable clothes, bratty children, obsessed husbands  and have great hair.   Oddly many upper middle class women like me in their hearts are Bravo Babes...  When I'm home and working around the house it's on.   That said.    When those  catty designer wearing women hit the air I've dropped everything andn on the couch.  Loving Every Minute of It.    

NISSAN I've noticed that they do "product placement" on that show.  They have parties they attend.  How about having them do a party at an Infiniti dealership.  

I've heard that when they wear clothes to events women "google" and buy.  My thought.   It's a demographic YOU want.   In LA/ Orange County RWD is not that big of a deal. Mention the AWD in ads elsewhere.... That show attracts "my age group" of  women... I'm 44...  My demographic is hardly catered too.   Were in that "income"  bracket of the "G" range. 

NISSAN/Infiniti I'm sure YOUR aware that men in their 40's are willing to buy a "used" car for they get a better value.  Basically they can "move up the line" and get a 5 series instead of a 3 series by buying a used car.  Women don't like to do that.  They want "new"...It's in our DNA to want NEW it's been programed into us that it's a safety/maintenence/emotional  thing.  

American women want to "BE" in a life of luxury.  Simply stated  keep showing them in a variety of ways that Infiniti is Fresh..  It's distictive.   Make that customer in their 40's feel like Van time is over..  generalizing these women are tired.  They've worked, taken care of a family and have sacrificed for others.  Tell them in a subtle way...It's "their" time.... Time to be indulged... 

Again, once they've decided where they want to "be" in their Infiniti then they've already decided to buy one.   That will sell some cars....  which is the CSR Philosophy 2010. More Cars Sold=More Profits=More NISSAN Jobs Created=More Money to Enrich the Lives of People and the Planet.   WIN~WIN.

Have A Great Day!!!!      Sharyn

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet

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