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           ???  Does "Rob" Represent  NISSAN
Notice the charts below that show women in management is worded as "just" for the Americas in 2006 and in 2007 & 2008 it's says North America.  

By doing it that way it did NOT look like a "rapid decline in women in management in the USA".  GET IT!!!!

The charts NEVER show 20.9% dropping to 14% dropping to 10%
for that would "not look good for HR".

Jim Morton YOU Sir were VERY creative at your words.   

Also, the "retention" rate of employees (intellectual property) that moved to Tennessee from California was tampered with:

The shareholders & stockholders were purposely "mislead" = LIED to.   

Carlos Ghosn

??? Why are those that did this IN CHARGE of HR today.

They bullied and unjustly jailed me because I'm smart and I knew what they were doing and I confronted them "head-on".  

???  Do YOU think that was wrong. 

???  Why was I NOT respected at Nissan :
         Choose 1 or MORE

Because I'm a bold, bright & bitchy

Because I proved discrimination, wasteful spending of taxpayer money & corruption caused by a "Good Ole Boy" network that Jim Morton and Dominique Thormann "nurtured"

Because I was "playing ball" during an Internal Battle for Control for someone that YOU did NOT want to be the next CEO/President of Nissan

???  Did YOU need Saikawa to "win" so YOUR/Morton's tracks could be covered

Bottomline: If Mr. Tavares had "more" support in America he NEVER would have let "this" website continue.  VERY IMPORTANT It was known in the "play pen" the executive floor that executives were placed by Mr. Saikawa purposely so Mr. Tavares could "fail" during the economic crisis.   The goal for HR was to "make his job difficult" ....  Mr. Ghosn's top HR executive Mr. Kelly would NOT let Mr. Tavares fire "certain people".  Also they did give Mr. Tavares many roadblocks for success in America & I have shared LOTS of examples on this website.   

The fact is Mr. Tavares had supporters.  A limited amount of employees that remained from California at Nissan North America knew the character of Mr. Tavares & they wanted him to succeed.
MORE important they wanted to be valued as employees and RESPECT the company they worked for. Nissan had disappointed them too much in the past.

Mr. Morton was a "hurricane" whose damage has been felt for over 3 years.

Employees at Nissan knew I (Sharyn Bovat) had the ear of Mr Tavares and told me of problems.   At the time they did not know I was a former "research worker" and I had been trained at finding problems, exposing them & making change.   

What happened at Nissan during the 2009-2010 (I hope NOT 2011) was truly unique and this "my 3rd" Internal Battle of Control could be described as the Perfect Storm.  In July 2009 I told Mr. Tavares I wanted to "finally" be on the winning side of and IBC. If that happens it could prove that American dream
is still alive :) :)     

???  Maybe NOW little girls in the "South" can DREAM on becoming anything they want to.   That's what will be ALL about.

My name is Sharyn Bovat and I believe that people ALL over the world should have the: 
Freedom to Be & Freedom to Succeed

Discrimination is WRONG & I will continue this website "until" Mr. Tavares tells me to take it down. 

Tennessee "Good Ole Boys" by having YOUR buddies having me indicted YOU made me STRONGER!!!!

Have A Great Day!!!               :) :) Sharyn

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