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Thank You!!!

Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan!!!!

Ronald Reagan was an American President who motivated the world to want to be better and he motivated people to want more!!!  

In 1988  at  Pat O'Brians in New Orleans one night during the RNC convention at a famous bar that served great Hurricane cocktails in the Louisiana City I remember hearing delegates/visitors/people loudly chant in the bar %#@& Sam Donaldson (a former ABC White House reporter who was known for questioning Reagan's policies in a way that seemed critical to the TV viewer)   ....YES!!!  During the 1988 RNC convention Grown ups who were elected by there states to represent them at the national convention were basically  yelling at a well known reporter the words "%#@& Sam Donaldson" over and over again just becasuse they emotionally hated him for how he treated the president.   FYI-Sam Donaldson was just doing his job when he asked President Reagan tough questions.   I was told that the people mad at Mr. Donaldson did NOT want him in New Orleans.  The 1988 convention that was honoring the great work of Reagan, the delegates/visitors to the convention just did NOT understand the "dynamic" between the press and the White House. That protest at Pat O'Brians was "an odd" moment for those that worked for Reagan and those from DC found it embarrassing. The reporter did leave Pat O'Brians that night to the cheers of of the convention attendees.  

That night I learned that President Reagan's administration liked being asked "the tough" questions. President Reagan and his administration knew that they needed to answer the "tough" questions" to make America better.  Then his staff would be able to "do their jobs" better.  I learned that people that worked in Reagan's political office ALWAYS had to have their A game on.  That said: 

President Reagan when he was in the White House led a team that treated the foot soldiers who believed in his ideals with RESPECT. Race/Religion/Lifestyle Preference did NOT matter.  Ronald Reagan wanted the BEST to serve.  Reagan's people made ALL feel like valued members of a TEAM.  The goal was SUCCESS!!!

Thank You Ronald Reagan!!!   for creating an era that encouraged all of the American citizens to want more and to be more. 

~Side note~

Let's Bring Reagan Values To Tennessee

People connected to Ronald Reagan taught me to listen to the people so their voices can be heard.  Always be candid & to tell the truth as I see it.  Never sugar coat any issue for then the problems will never be addressed.   One more thing, always take reponsibility for my actions. Years ago I spent time in the Salinas Valley known as the salad bowl capital of the world.   If you read the Cesar Chaves page on this blog or the Harvey Milk page you'll "get" why I think the way i do.  Guess you could say that part of this "skirt" was "raised Reagan".  

Message to Mike Curb a Middle Tennessee Music Industry legend who served the Reagan administration:   Mr. Curb sir can you please help with the Williamson County School issue.  It "hit me" that YOU understood the flight of those that worked in the lettuce fields....???  How about doing this in memory of the Gipper.  Please read on:

Today it "popped"  how to make Centennial High School that is across the street from the NISSAN HQ the BEST school in Williamson County. 

FYI- Centennial is a school that was "set up to fail" by a recent rezoning.  Basically what happened is that students that are economically disadvantaged (mainly black, hispanic, or come from single parent households) will be educated along with many students who live in corporate apartments (Asian & Hindi) along with children from subdivisions that tend to belong to students who were NOT born in Tennessee known as the Nashville newbies.   

Yes!!!the school board has succeeded in redrawing school lines and NOW MOST of the counties school age diversity will be herded to one school.   The fact is Nissan helped stopped the first attempt of the rezoning in 2009 then in 2010 the rezoning happened.  It happened because the community said "OK".  I'm grateful to the people that told me the "truth" and that's that the long time residents in the community WANT segregation. For the record some did tell me they are "embarrassed" that I exposed their racism. They're bold enough to "admit" they're racist. I thanked them for their candor.    The fact is MOST of the Williamson County residents Want the diversity in the community huddled masses being educated together.  World it's OK to vomit!!!!

New goal make Centennial the MOST desirable school one that would harbor the values of one of America's most beloved Presidents.   The value of Respect for ALL People.  .

Years ago I asked Sonny Bono this question   ??? How did you make Palm Springs popular again.  
He said he got help from his friends...... WOW!!!  Voila!!!  the answer.  

???  Mr. Looney did YOU ever see the movie FAME.  

Mr. Curb Let's build a sound stage at Centennial.   We could raise funds and get people to donate equipment.  We can teach the disadvantaged youth and those Nashville newbies about the Nashville music industry.   A true performing arts school within the school.  The talented with instruments students and those that want to learn about sound equipment etc.  will have a place that's "special".  I have more.....  later...This is Ronald Reagans day!!! 

~Back to Ronald Reagan~
YES!!!  I know that Reagan spent money to stimulate the economy. YES!!! He was not perfect in issues about the enviroment OK... I get it!!!   World NO leader is everything to everyone.  FYI-  I do NOT remember the American people complaining about taxes and Reagan's spending when they were building larger homes with bigger garages so they would have someplace to park their BMW's   Reagan brought jobs to AMERICA!!!     Sure there's lots to be debated on techniques that were used and admittedly some other issues but bottom line Ronald Reagan communicated to the American people that America was great & he communicated to the world that Peace can happen. 

When I lived in Europe people LOVED to challenge me on my appreciation of Reagan and I look forward to more spirited debates.

FYI Renault people once corporate change happens we can have lively discussions while drinking Ketel One vodka.
Until the hostages are released or restated "Freedom for the Renault Three" I'm boycotting Grey Goose.  YES!!!   This battle for human decency has affected my drinking patterns.    Mr. Tavares "this" has to end!!!

Ronald Reagan led a team that believed they could make the world better. Today people In emerging markets look at Ronald Reagan as a leader who Fought for Freedom and spoke of the American Dream but he wanted it for EVERYONE around the World!!!   

Peace and Respect!!!


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