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Post Traumatic Vista Disorder   (PTVD)

Because of PTVD many people are emotionally drained of trust and have more questions.  The  needing to get that feeling of comfort back and a sense of technological control

In America too many have suffered from PTVD and have been told that their computer did not work due to "VISTA" issues.  Realistically the technicians might have used VISTA as an excuse to explain problems.  Still many felt the need to get the "new" Windows and some continued with the frustrations of the status quo.   

The overall reaction has been to trust but verify that the  technology works before new purchases.  At some point trial periods are over and a committment is needed. Knowing that many do not rely on the manufacturers as they did in the past is sad.  It's a new relationship one different as in years past. It works. Think of it like this... Yang is needed for Yin to be complete even though yang is secondary and not dominate it's important for balance.  Although many users are  in a "leary" state wondering if the software is needed for success. The "thoughts" tend to side with it's most likely a "win". 

The solution for success in quickly installing the NEW PROGRAM and soon those emotional PTVD "issues" will go away and quickly all will regain trust and happieness will resume. 

FYI- Continuing with the old program for an extended period of time will only exhaust the internal operating systems.   Rumor has it that the secondary Yang element is at times moody yet quickly switches when programmed correctly very positively and can even be put "back in the box".

???   NISSAN do you get the point

:) :) Sharyn

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