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Williamson County Schools halts rezoning

Staff Reports • October 1, 2010

Nissan and Tennessee please read The link & to the  “Articulate” parent who wrote the words THANK YOU!!!

WCS School Board,
Discrimination is WRONG!!!      Sharyn Bovat 615-415-6675
I'm fighting for "human decency"

Williamson County School Board During my childhood while waiting for an airplane at LAX Muhammad Ali was in the gate area being adored by his fellow passengers.  Someone yelled out "When's your next fight"?   He said "I don't know, but I'll be ready".   That man had so much self confidence it was incredible.  

I've decided to use the SPIRIT of ALI to make people believe in respecting diversity in Williamson County.   Good Ole Boys  
FYI - I don't float like a butterfly but I do sting like a bee.   :):)

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