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2011 Edition of Sharyn

The 2011 Sharyn

 is "fully" equipped &  
some critics would say the recent tweaks & upgrades create a smaller more powerful
presence & put the 
Sharyn back in the "luxury" market

Still "high energy" this edition has matured for the company got rid of some of the "excess luggage" that clogged the "on board" computer.  

This Edition is environmentally friendly and can "fit in" anywhere globally.  Using this versions "past" history the Sharyn can meet "any" challenge and not afraid to take "new" roads. 

Although admittedly the Sharyn has undergone a "failed" merger (thus back to the "Bovat" edition)  the company now is on track & committed to alliances.  Driven to "perform" Monday thru Friday the 2011 Sharyn is open to a "limited" weekend partnership.   The "thought" is even a "proven" workhorse needs to have a "little" fun while maintaining autonomy.  

Good Ole Boys need not apply. :) :)

Have A Great Day!!!!                  Sharyn
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