The Original Blog of the NISSAN Whistleblower 
My Story is for Sale
I learned at NISSAN that loyalty can be purchased. 

As your aware from this website my ethics were never compromised.

I'm fighting alone a "good ole boy" alliance. 
For months I've been fighting for human decency. 

Wanting life to be "fair" for those not on the "list" to succeed.

The BIG issue is I'm fighting for the American taxpayer.

My mission is clear and I will not slow down.

My website never mentions the Big Ticket items or twisted behavior from the "play pen" 
  (that's what some call the Executive floor). 

My Goal was to NEVER discuss certain issues. 

My preference would be to exclude certain "issues" from my book and focus on POSITIVE CHANGE.

That said.

I'm a mom and I have responsibilities. 

My story- My thoughts-My life experiences

One Twisted Tale of inner alliances and an "odd" partnership.

The "CUBE" Conspiracy
NISSAN'S "Extra" Alliances Grab for Power

The NISSAN'S Whistle Blowers "out of the box" attempt to end a corrupt "Good Ole Boy" alliance and
Change the Corporate Culture. 

Contact Sharyn:

615-415-6675  or

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