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Hello World.....

I became friends with Mark SIlverman the editor of the Tennessean and he told me at Sambuca in March 2011 that a person connected to Haley Barbour was part of the "harassment" I received.

Silverman is still my friend today and call me multiple time each week.
FYI- He just became a grandfather ....little girls name is Nora.

Get this in March 2011 he asked if I wanted to work on the Haley Barbour for President campaign. I responded by blogging about RNC racism.

Mark was Haley Barbours "puppet'" for a while and then Barbour screwed him AFTER Mark didn't shut me up and Mr. Barbour stopped his presidential bid.  Haley Barbours son  worked for BGR for a while & belonged to Trump National....just like Silverman: It's twisted.

FYI I'm NOT a big fan of Haley barbour and there's a reason WHY he pardoned so many people and "oddly" or not so "oddly" a LOT of the files are missing.

I get a LOT of information because people feel bad for me. Did ya'll know that "maybe" I'm the illegitimate child of a former VERY powerful person?

His friend was Dean Lesher
(who was a personal friend of the Reagans) & Mr. Lesher took me in under his wing when I was 19. That's WHY I did "research work"

He was friends with "these people"

Mark Silverman found out about my possibele DNA the same day he told me Rahm Emanuel is responsible for squashing my story & was the godfather of DOE green fraud 

I told him because I DID NOT WANT anyone to know but I knew that people connected to Barbour "most likely" knew. 

He told me if I never asked for a DNA test then the media would never say anything. The fact is I don't want to hurt my family.

YET the idea of having issues of Lockerbie being exposed would hurt my family more than this.

I don't know what to do and want "someone" to help.

I'm fighting for HUMANITY because Many people in the south are "like me" political prisoners.

It's a SOUTHERN THING. It's disgusting and WHY someone told me they decided against moving to TN.

During the 19+ months of fighting charges that led to being jailed 3 times I was "found guilty" of a misdemeanor = to a speeding ticket and had to pay a $50 fine.

 I was told that it's the same as Occupy Nashville protestors and they got their record expunged within 24 hours by the Governor.

 Oddly After I got the fine then a judge who many in the community told me was going to “jail me for year” gave me probation for the class C misdemeanor. I looked at the form and it was NOT ordered by the judge that presided over my trial. I have a voicemail from the probation officer saying I KNEW on Feb 1st about a probation meeting that I missed:

The fact is I was NEVER told I had probation and it’s truly just another form of humiliation. Some people told me they fear that NISSAN was going to encourage the state to have me arrested again. For a long time people connected to a Good Ole Boy network have followed me, sent me death threats and have harassed me. I used to report it to the police but I’ve been told that they too are “in the Good Ole Boy Network”

 NOW numerous member so conservative community are saying they will help me petition governor Haslam and ask that I get "the OCCUPY" treatment & that's RESPECT.

More soon.....

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