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Meet My Lawyer

ME!!! I Have NO Choice so lets call my firm:               

Yes!!!  To those viewers that think that I should NOT represent myself
"I GET IT"!!!
PLEASE, quit telling me to get a lawyer. 

FYI- I've been rejected by locals who think this case is either too big or complicated.  If someone called me and offered to represent me I'd question WHY.   The fact is too many "odd" things have happened and I'm getting paranoid on who is sincere and who is trying to discredit me.   What I'm going through is HORRIBLE!!!!!

My blood pressure is high for a "reason".   The man that I've complained about for OVER a year in referenece to harassing me "swore out"  a warrent against me, then I got put in jail (twice) The warrant reads like a piece of fiction and I can't do anything about it because a "good ole boy" network dominates the community. 

I've been offered asylum in California (free housing) and use of a vacation home in Florida.   People in other states GET IT!!!  When this is OVER and I get my life back I'm checking myself into a holistic living center for a week to "calm down" from the anger I have right now toward the community.   What happened to me is WRONG!!!

So IF people want to call me and be supportive "thank you"  if you're NOT supportive DON'T call me.

Thank you and have a great day!!!

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