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  This is Dominique Thormann he's the man that NISSAN did a press release saying he was going back to Paris about 12 hours AFTER I put his name on my blog as a bad spender of taxpayer money (Ghosn hid him for a year then made him CFO of Renault...Mr. Thormann knows where the "hidden cost centers are" also the SKELETONS.  

Oddly 12 hours after I sent a powerful person an email describing Good Ole Boy Greed in the Green Industry US Senator Lamar Alexander decided to "step down" from his leadership role.  Coincidence?  

Sharyn Bovat Decided to Lobby the Lobbyist..... Asks BGR to Ask NISSAN and Gannett to Live Up to the High Standards of the Chamber of Commerce
 It's time that Sharyn Bovat and the American Taxpayers got RESPECT.... I think that BGR will want TRANSPARENCY and they will encourage Gannett and NISSAN to do the ethical thing. After all lobbyist are people too....

Everyone wants to live in a respectful society. Isn't this why we have a Chamber of Commerce to promote business that is sustainable and ethical?
Have a Great Day!


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From: sharynbovat
To: Top Lobbying Firm BGR

Cc: msilverm , rdickey , chudler, jheinz

Sent: Wed, Feb 15, 2012 11:18 pm
Subject: NISSAN Whsitleblower Reaches Out to BGR Wants Gannett to Report the News.... DOE Fraud Happened ...Whistleblower Jailed 3 Times on Trumped Up Charges & Haley Barbour is Connected to Those That Wanted Her Jailed....

Hello Lobbying Elite:

Can YOU please help me.... I'm just a former relocation consultant whose a person who "stood up" for the American taxpayer. I'm a mom and a whistleblower who exposed a Billion + in fraud. Gannett has ignored me and this is connected to Haley Barbour & Lamar Alexander. Still the BIG blame goes to the Obama administration. It's their policies that "let it happen"

ALL I (Sharyn Bovat) Wants is "To Have a Normal Life" and Nissan and Gannett to needs to restore my reputation

Please read about DOE fraud

The Solyndra issue is connected to the NISSAN Doe issue

The Ben Bradllee winning Gannett editor Mark Silverman (cc'd) is my friend

Gannett won't tell the story of a whistleblower and for 19+ months I've suffered harassment in the courts

Maybe it's just "The Southern Way" to jail innocent people who "speak up" about fraud.

NISSAN does Business with IRAN (via their parent Renault)

The Chairman of NISSAN Carlos Ghosn did deals during the Iran Contra Era

Evidently one of my former relocation client who "was" the most powerful woman at NISSAN was Carlos Ghson's mistress and then they broke up and he sent her to Harvard, Paris then America. She "liked" me....Not my type BUT I wanted a job so I went to parties with her & I learned about the FRAUD happening by the Franco/Japanese Company

Also he was involved with the Lockerbie Cover up

The Collateral for the DOE loan is a taxpayer funded IDB bond the debt service cost the taxpayers millions.... Jobs that NISSAN promised have not been created.

Solyndra looked at my blog 1142 times.... They looked at my blog each day I was arrested.

 This Green scandal is gonna be BIG..... I'm mad that 2 federal budget were passed and Gannett was silent & the White House knew about the fraud... They read my blog...

I believe in Energy Independence. I know that "issues in the Middle East are bad.

I was a former researcher for CIA operatives.... Low level and I do NOT know much.... only what is on my blogs

My goal is to have a "peaceful" life. I'm tired of fighting the corruption in Tennessee. All I want is for the Governor to expunge the damage done to my by the misdemeanor = to a speeding ticket I want the mainstream media to report "something" so I get my reputation back... Maybe report that NISSAN discriminated against women (women in management went from 20.9% in 2006 to 10% in 2009 the year I whistleblew). I want the taxpayers to STOP funding the EV that is being built with outdated technology (the Leaf is FAR worse that the Chevy VOLT and FORD EV they work as promised...NISSAN experts told me that NISSAN's battery will derogate and become "worthless" worse level 3 chargers are being built that fast charging function ONLY works on Japanese cars & not even Toyota's...Just NISSAN and Mitsubishi.... Washington State is paying over 100k per charger with a DOE grant and they should ONLY cost 15k.)

So the fraud is real and I told the truth and I also "vindicated" 3 men that were accused of being spies at Renault....

The VILLIANS are people in the DOE that approved of the project that is being done by a company whose parent does business with IRAN.. They used the Treasury bank too. Also Rahm Emanuel is responsible for "squashing the story and Haley Barbour (via his people) is connected....Along with the former Governor of Tennessee Phil Bredesen and Lamar Alexander.... The TVA has "issues" both Mark Silverman told me that and so did Mike Duncan (former RNC chair....nice man I met him at CPAC) the issues at the TVA are connected to Lamar Alexander (according to a viewer of my blog)

ALL I want is for my life to get back.... I'm tired for fighting for RESPECT my wish is that you the Lobbying Elite tell your co workers and clients to tell NISSAN and Gannett to "treat the whislteblower with RESPECT"... ALL I want to work and I want to move out of Tennessee.

PLEASE....Help make humanity happen.

Thank You!

Sharyn Bovat


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To: sharynbovat <>
Sent: Thu, Jan 12, 2012 4:01 pm

Ms. Bovat,

Thank you for bringing by the information you provided me. I have checked with our casework coordinator on this matter. Because of the legal nature of this issue, our office is not able to get directly involved. However, I am forwarding the information your provided onto the Department of Justice and asking that they respond directly to you....

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