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***Strategy TOO Risky***

*** Update***  
It's been relayed that NISSAN is starting TOO MANY new projects... Increasing capacity ALL over the world in emerging markets Russia~India~China~Brazil.  
Some in management think the strategy is FLAWED.  There are too many risks.  It’s believed NISSAN should focus on making a quality "product first"
Ghosn’s Emerging market strategy involves too many loans!!!
It’s been suggested that  Carlos Ghosn is "over reaching" in the emerging markets because he knows the EV will fail.
Because of this NISSAN could go bankrupt.... In reference to the EV it's time to "scale down" return some of the DOE money.
NISSAN can be saved.... That is what Carlos Tavares wanted to do.  That is WHY he let me do the blog.
I’ll tell people in congress to “protect our DOE money.
In Tennessee can someone at the Economic Development Office tell Kim Helper to STOP!!!
Or do I have to wait for NISSAN to go bankrupt just so they’ll stop paying a lawyer named Joe Baugh to “babysit” a trumped up 1st time misdemeanor charge that’s gone on for OVER 15 months (how many Due Process laws does TN want to break).
I’m getting MORE information because people want to help me.  They know that Ghosn ordered his exec. To “make me a hostage” and by discrediting me it “buys them more time… figure out how to fix the mess”.   Businessweek had an article yesterdat with a JD Powers quote &  
The Coming EV Glut  Thanks to government subsidies, electric vehicle makers are ramping up production. Will enough people want to buy them?   JD Powers say’s NO
“…..The EV market will also be hotly competitive. J.D. Power predicts that 27,000 EVs will sell next year, and another 58,000 will be sold in 2013. In late 2012, Nissan will be building the Leaf electric-car at its plant in Smyrna, Tenn., with capacity to make 150,000 of them. Nissan plans to sell most of those in the U.S., says Brendan Jones, director of sales and marketing for the Leaf.  In other words, if J.D. Power is right, Nissan in 2013 will be building more than double what the market wants—to say nothing of the other 14 EVs that will come to market between now and then….” Businessweek By David Welch
Nissan unveiled a new 6-year plan………… that projects a 50% increase in global sales,
I’ve been told “the Japanese earthquake will be blamed for ‘moving back’ the date of the Tennessee battery plant.”  FYI- Nissan suffered LESS during the Japanese Tsunami than Honda and Toyota.  Insiders tell me “he’s milking the tragedy for ALL it’s worth”.  One said “Ghosn’s got the heart of ‘dead beat dad’…..”
From Detroit News (Neil Winton):  
…Nissan has made impressive progress since then. But Renault has failed to punch its weight financially  when investment bankers do their sums to add up the combined value of the two companies they routinely say the Renault part is worth nothing and Nissan accounts for all of the stock market value…
…Bernstein Research auto analyst Max Warburton said Ghosn's credibility was harmed by a lack of realism in the original plan, and the clear evidence that Renault was not on track to hit the targets even before the recession hit. Ghosn attempted to blame the recession for Renault's total miss, according to Warburton, and was unwilling to admit to management errors and miscalculations.///
Nissan earlier this week unveiled a new 6-year plan, dubbed Power 88, that projects a 50% increase in global sales, with much of that expected to come from China, India and other emerging markets, but the U.S. and other parts of the Americas are central to what global marketing chief Simon Sproule acknowledges is an “aggressive” plan.
Nissan to invest $1.47bn in first Brazilian plant
Steel Business Briefing (subscription) - 2 days ago Carlos Ghosn, president of French-Japanese carmaking alliance Renault-Nissan, ... that when Nissan achieves a 5% share of the Brazilian market, ...
Renault to invest US$851m in Brazilian plant Steel Business Briefing (subscription) - 2 days agoRenault/Nissan global president Carlos Ghosn says Brazil could become the automaker's second largest market after France. In addition, he says the company ...
Trafic bus gaminamas Prancūzijoje: Renault investuoja 230 mln. eurų į Sandouville gamyklą    2011 spalio 14   Paskelbta prieš:
  • New $985 million plant in Chennai, India, is the first dedicated Renault-Nissan facility.
  • In May, it will begin production of the redesigned Nissan Micra minicompact.
  • The factory will have an annual capacity to build 400,000 vehicles.
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