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NISSAN Lets Play     ???  What Are They Thinking

Today I chose a picture of the internet and wrote what I “thought” they “thought” when the picture was taken. 

It’s just a “game”.
   It’s FUN to do with the family,& use any photo.

Portugal's Prime Minister Jose Socrates sits between
Carlos Ghosn, left, Chief Executive of Nissan-Renault auto alliances and Nissan's Vice President Carlos Tavares, right, during a ceremony for the signing of a partnership, Wednesday, July 9 2008, in Lisbon. The Nissan-Renault auto alliance, charged up lately to promote electric vehicles, has formed a partnership with the Portuguese government that includes plans to sell electric vehicles in Portugal in 2011

NOW What do YOU think their "thinking"

I think he’s “thinking”
Mr. Ghosn:     Humm... Challenge.. I have to figure out how to make money & keep “all” these new bureaucratic partners happy.   Others at NISSAN and Renault are gunning for me to fail … I must succeed my reputation is on the line. If the EV isn’t successful I’m toast.   ... Thormann better be keeping America in line.... I told him "whatever" it takes.    

I think he’s “thinking” Prime Minister Socrates   I’m just here for my country.   Jobs are needed.   This better not be a waste of my time. 

I think he’s “thinking” Mr. Tavares:  ( He has the "look" of I’ve been around the world 10 time in the last 6 weeks have ONLY had 2 hours sleep & I have 3 conference calls in the next hour ....)   He’s thinking … Let’s get this over so I can get a haircut.

NOW YOU PLAY…  When playing with your children choose a photo that EVERYONE can relate too…  
Make sure the pictures are “candid” shots that can have MANY interpretations.  This is actually a “great” way to teach your children at an “early” age on how to think Out of the BOX.  

I used a picture with  President Obama when I played the game with my daughter.   It’s FUN!!  Also it starts conversations.   

let’s start using the “right” brain & t
his is a “technique” used to keep the “brain” turned on.   FYI ~ I learned this YEARS ago when I was traveling.  Also, I learned at the United States Air Traffic Control Academy in Oklahoma City that those working the radar have to keep their minds active “after hours” just to keep the “engines” going so when at work they’re “alert”.    


Bottom Line:  a mind is like a muscle and if you don’t use part of it (like the right side) it goes dormant.   New idea’s don’t “pop” from those that are always watching TV for they are seeing the work of “others”   YOU must make an effort to think “original” thoughts 


This is just one of many “tools” we’ll use in opening minds in future brainstorming sessions.  .....  I know YOU can't wait!!!     :) :)

NISSAN North America I know "change" takes time so during the last year I was "productive" ...Mark Stout could have helped me with my references and "this website" never would have happened.   Marlin Chapman (who would NEVER put anything in writing yet verbally made a lot of promises) NEVER helped me with training or what he promised in "helping me go away" they were mad at me for whistleblowing.  I was unemployable after they slandered me for they feared "I knew too much".   They were covering up corruption in the community.

So I spent my time doing LOTS of research & NISSAN in Tokyo liked my "thoughts"  (which are copywritten)  and I believe those in the "inner" circle making change in Tokyo know of emails that I sent to Mr. Tavares were meant to help with "GOOD Change".   Most of them a women's perspective on product planning.  HE NEVER WOULD HAVE ACCEPTED MY EMAILS had they NOT been PRODUCTIVE "THOUGHTS"...  Mr Tavares does NOT waste time..... & since many "ideas" are being implemented.    "Thought" for Reuter..... Better Be NICE!!!  GET IT!!!        

Mr. Tavares or his people have NOT called my lawyer to "turn off" this website and have used it as a "tool" so I have to "think" I might be getting the CSR job.   Which is "why" I continue using my whole heart because I  believe that "Respect for All People" can be apart of the NISSAN corporate culture and then that "spirit" of acceptence will filter out to the community that my child calls home.  

   Too many are reading this website.   Just in case the "Good Ole Boys"remain at NISSAN I just contacted Toyota I found out top people at Toyota USA like my website.   
???  Could there be a Lexus IS 250 FWD soon.   WOW!!!!!    OK back to the reason for the game:

???    Why is it important to be able to “interpret” emotion….    

Understanding facial expressions are “very” important  A few weeks ago at the Honda dealership… I was checking out the navigation systems…Honda I HATE the voice activated system that you put in the  Acura & it looks like it's in the Accord L   


Anyway, It was a Sunday and a lot of people look at cars then, for there are “no” pushy salesmen.  This couple with a young child look at the Accord I went up to the lady and said “I bet I know what you’re thinking”.   I was right.     She had “one” concern (need) similar to MANY other Mom’s in that price range & they arrived in a mini van.    I told her  I’d seen everything in that price range and it seems like all auto manufacturers are the same and for the money the basic Accord was the best choice  I said to her “it’s  like EVERYONE that makes decisions in the auto industry are MEN” & “all of them think women with children want a minivan or a large crossover”… ”Heck I even told the head of NISSAN North America that if you put a DVD player in the back seat of the Rogue & Sentra young mom’s would eat it up….but why would he listen to me … I was just he’s relocation consultant”. 

We talked and she said they didn’t consider looking at NISSAN.  Then said if NISSAN had a DVD player in the backseat they’d definitely take a look.  

Toyota & Honda Product Planners and executive are reading "my website"....  It's Time for the Japanese Auto Industry to Make Cars that American Women want to buy.    

~Very Important~
I've been reading Ewanicks ideas for GM...  He's talented and "gets" the fact that women in America not only Speak but they "buy cars".  I "bet" he'll have a mom friendly sedan in his line up within a year.   
Let's beat them....   Make a Rogue (hate that name) & Sentra family editions... perfect for the young mom with 1 or 2 children that lives in a suburb or city.   Fuel efficient rubber mats and seats that can be "wiped" clean.  A tray table for the "tots" to enjoy their happy meals.   Cup holders that will fit juice boxes and sodas (they have them in GM cars in Australia) and MOST important a DVD player for the children
This will be a BLOCKBUSTER...  Trust Me.

Have A Great Weekend!!!!                           Sharyn

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet



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