The Original Blog of the NISSAN Whistleblower 
Ready for My Debut...
If NISSAN is not listening.

Maybe those at the COMEDY club will?

This former college comedian is using her creative energy to STAND-UP, literally, for ethical behavior.

Keep an eye out for the press release.   

I want all 77 of NISSAN's Lawyer's there.  

We'll fill the house.

Remember Legal,   Don't put your friends drinks on YOUR expense reports. 

This TAXPAYER is watching.

Rob, I'll save a seat for YOU upfront.   Maybe you could model one of the t shirts that I'll sell after the show?

Mr. Saikawa maybe you could come to Nashville for the show?

I know it's tough having to deal with "connections"  to get to Nashville.   It will be worth it. 

I'll save YOU a seat next to Rob,  as you are aware HE represents NISSAN.

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