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One if By Land…Two if By Sea…..

In America lanterns were used by revolutionaries to communicate hundreds of years ago.


NISSAN How about communicating to me that “change” has happened by getting that “flickering” disposable battery off of YOUR Zero Emissions website.

Seriously NISSAN…. For success it’s time to make some tweaks to that website.   For inspiration Look at the Nissan USA leaf website.     It makes NISSAN look serious in selling your”Lovely Leaf” to America.  

About a month ago a reader asked “how could I say the LEAF was Lovely”.   I said….”It’s grown on me”.

Changing my “attitude” on the look of the LEAF is critical because  If  CQ, CSR, Diversity and Relocation  happens I know I won’t be able to “criticize” the look of the LEAF .. America when Sharyn Bovat  goes from outsider to insider then I’m “filtered”.

NISSAN today I can sincerely say the LEAF is “Lovely” because I simply redefined the word “lovely” just like a few years ago the right wingers redefined the word Rogue. 

NISSAN I’m “serious” about not using the word holistic.   What “average’ America does not understand they’re open to accepting “new” interpretations/definitions. 

For mainstream success for the EV please “trust me” on which words to NOT use.    

Now if that Battery stops “flickering” on the zero emissions website I’ll take it as a message that “change” has happened.      If those hand painted signs go that’s 2 “lanterns” and that means I’m OK.    I’m watching!!!!  


Company Insiders “never” say anything “bad” publically about the company or products.

Public comments are done by trained communications experts

 ???  Isn’t that right Chip.  

Chip (aka Topless Vobra) you need to “Eat the bunny”.

What you did was NOT appropriate.

You can “vent” in the confidence of colleagues about whats wrong with NISSAN products so that might assist in making the products better.  Doing it on a public website is wrong.

I'm not being Hypocritical because 
I’m an “outsider' &  I can VENT in public.

Note to New Ethical HR: For the Corporate Code of Conduct when it comes to insiders like “Topless Vobra” add a section on internet blogging.   People should be restrained in their critical comments about the companies that pay them and work "in house" to make the product better.  That's what "teams" do to better the "entire" organization.

This "skirt" learned on the executive floor at NISSAN North America that Chip aka "Topless Vobra" replaced a long time employee who was well respected & had amazing knowledge about cars.  People liked the former occupant of Topless Vobra's office and although Chip might be more than  capable he was put in the chairman’s office by Mark Stout to be a “plant”.   In March 2009  I told Mr. Tavares about Chip.     My “guess” is Mr. Tavares relied more on his chief of staff in Toronto for technical information &  Chip probably had “little” to do in the chairmans office and has time to waste on those auto blogs.
??? I could be wrong.   If so call me 615-415-6675.

My guess is Chip could act disrespectfully toward the company because he’s an “insider” headed “out”.      

Have A Great Day!!!      Sharyn (aka the Stealth Skirt) J J

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet

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