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Follow Up From Sharyn Bovat

I talked to the two ladies that were meeting with the commissioner and they were Mom’s who are concerned. and. Their MAD at me.  They said “I hurt Kathy Danner” and their friends with her.  

They feel that Kathy Danner has been hurt by my blog.   I told them that Kathy Danner NOW has a chance to get something’s accomplished because maybe NOW the media will look at this story that they’ve ignored.  Please read this about the Nissan wife that is trying to ‘fix” the community.

The women did NOT understand what I was saying

The fact is we live in a “Good Ole Boy” community. People need to wake up!!!

I wrote in my letter to the school board (BELOW) the night before the rezoning vote in 2009 WHY I was doing “this” and blogging.  That rezoning was stopped. 

History the 1st time they tried to “push through” the rezoning that was in 2009 WCS tried to “sneak it through” and I believe it needed to be done in a “transparent way”.  Luckily it was delayed a year.

When Mr. Looney took over I believe things were done in  WCS in a transparent way BUT the Good Ole Boys are in charge and on the school board so eventually the rezoning still happened. 

I did NOT like that but we had elections and people had a chance to voice their opinion so people need to learn to deal with it and then ELECT politicians that they want.  

These ladies said to me tonight that they were meeting with a “first time” commissioner and they wanted him to support them, OK….read on.

For the record I  agree with 95% of the words they have on their website and my first impression was that I admired these two women who are being proactive in trying to make our society better. 

The women seemed professional but they met with a planning commissioner without knowing “how he made his living” or “what his agenda was”…..  The fact is BEFORE you “lobby” with a political figure you need to know “What they do for a living”.  

???  Maybe this planning commissioner was being a good public servant but maybe he was trying to “calm the moms” and stop them from pursuing their agenda.  I don’t know what his motives were and I wrote on my blog that he might be a good guy. 

 The women on a conference call to me said that Mr. Looney has sent them a legal letter telling them stop what they’re doing.  OK!!!   I’m confused and I think that these “well meaning mom’s” are in over their heads.   These ladies told me they do NOT like Terry Leve and I asked WHY.

FYI  I like Terry Leve &  YES!!!  He voted for the rezoning plan that I’m against but I believe he “represented his district”.   Their comments about Mr. Leve took away from their credibility.  SORRY!!!

The fact is most likely these women have an agenda and that’s to keep their children zoned at the better schools.   Diversity and Respect for ALL People is NOT their motivation.  

Let me say that last night I heard disrespectful words said about Kathy Danner and “if” they are her friend’s then  maybe they were “just being sneaking and trying to get in the good graces of a commissioner.”  I DON”T KNOW!!! These women seemed a little “high school” on the phone and their motives are “selfish” & they had little respect for me.  Personally I’ve been battling a “Good Ole Boy” network for almost 2 years and I believe the county is going to change and be more accepting to ALL people. 

To the two ladies I apologize if you’re offended by me.  Like I said tonight “we’re on the same page”.  Please trust me when I said that “important people read my blog and change will happen, just be patient.”

Ladies: Please focus on what’s best for Williamson County or just take care of your children.   That said viewers please read their website they have some good stuff on there: 

This is “funny” they have a THOUGHT OF THE DAY  …..  J J

Kathy Danner “if” their your friends get new ones and then PLEASE run for Mayor of Franklin

Kathy Danner “if” their your friends get new ones and then PLEASE run for Mayor of Franklin

To the commissioner in the picture “if” I misunderstood anything and offended you please call me.

Williamson County it’s time to have Respect for All People.   Including Terry Leve.

Have A Great Night!!!

Sharyn Bovat





Letter to WCS Board

Williamson County School Board,

Last spring I did some research.  I met a man who had succeeded in over 20 successful six sigma implementations in the south. This man is all about MAJOR change for the good.  He learned his techniques from Ram Charon.  My questions were very specific because he understood the "Good Ole Boy" mentality.  He told me  a step by step strategy but the last effort for success is that you HAVE TO SCARE THEM. When a culture is bad/corrupt you have to confront it head on.   Years ago from another "change" strategist I learned that in some cases you MUST bully the bully.  I became what I hate and that's a bully to fight for the women in Tennessee, Fairness, against ALL discrimination, greed, wasteful spending of taxpayers money and in the case of the school system I fought for ethical treatment of children, teachers,  and the need for better performing schools with foreign language in the elementary schools for long term success.  

I'm quite sure you've made your decision.   I hope it's a good one.

Get a good night sleep.  Don't worry about this "skirt" showing up. Tomorrow is about all those concerned parents that want a voice and by my statistics mine has already been heard.

Respect for all People = Success

Success = Jobs

Jobs = increased home values. 




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