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Date: October 1, 2011 2:32:46 PM CDT
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Subject: Nissan Whistleblower Fears Liberal Media Bias and that NBC was Told by General Electric GE  to NOT Cover her Story.  Emmy Winning Demetria Kalodemis called Sharyn Bovat in April 2011 (listen to the voicemail... 

Mr. Finley & Alhart,

People tell me that NBC investigative reporter Demetria Kalodemis is "tough enough" in Tennessee to cover a story of a women being harassed, bullied, jailed, and endured 14+ months of judicial harassment.   Locals are wondering    ??? Why Sharyn Bovat's story is ignored .  Sirs, people are going to "think" it's liberal media bias.    (voice mail from Emmy Winning Demetria Kalodimas to Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistle blower)

Sharyn Bovat knows "Mainstream Media" knows the story "exists" of an innocent woman who spoke out against bad spending of taxpayer money in reference to the "pet project" of President Obama ( DOE loans in reference to the the electric car).  Sharyn Bovat ALSO spoke up about discrimination happening at Nissan North America.


The whistle blower was by  numerous reporters that media elite "higher ups" are squashing it.   The Nissan CEO and his executives are "close to the current administration"


Sharyn Bovat has a child who was 7 when she became a whistle blower & her daughter is turning 10 next month.   Rhori Johnston anchor of the CBS Nashville news knows Bovat's daughter and Sharyn Bovat has to believe in her heart that Rhori would not want her child to "keep suffering" because her mom SPOKE the TRUTH about problems at NISSAN. 


For America to succeed It's time for Gannett and companies owned by GE (NBC affiliates) to "cover news" that will make for a better society  

14+ months of harassment is enough!!!  


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