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Those Clever Cube Loving Canadians

Read about their promotions below.   It’s FUN to look at the youtube stuff too.


People in Middle Tennessee have made comments that they expected more community involvement from NISSAN and maybe you have been involved in a “stealth” way.  It’s time to make some NOISE and let Williamson and Rutherford County knows that their NISSAN Neighbors care.

Why don’t you borrow a cube and decorate it for the holidays.  Put a wreath on its nose (does it have a nose???) hand our gloves (only a $1 a pair) on a cold day, people with cold hands will smile J and vouchers for coffee (like they did in Canada).

 If timing is an issue you could do it at the NEW YEAR.  

Also if you have a moment below is a link to an “adorable Sentra Ad video that’s FANTASTIC.

Team Canada…  WOW!!!! 

???  Maybe the cleverness is a UK thing.  The UK website  has this Balloon thing with the Pixo car to change colors loved that!!!!

Have A Great Day!!!



also, The LEAF is symbol of Canadian identity   Maybe you could make a new Flag for “fun” with a different kind of

Knowing that Canada is protective of their “leaf”  Use the language from that saying  Make new Friends but keep the Old……


Nissan Canada Inc. extended its popular advertising campaign 'Best Part of Your Day' this week

Nissan Canada

New marketing campaign encourages Canadians to share what makes their days great through street-level random acts of kindness

MISSISSAUGA, ON (November 27, 2009) – Nissan Canada Inc. extended its popular advertising campaign “Best Part of Your Day” (BPOYD) this week, to include street-level events, microsite launch and social media activities, by performing random acts of street-level kindness to thousands of Canadians, and encouraging the entire country to share the best parts of their day through an online community.

“Our new ad campaign was so successful in Canada, we just had to branch it out to include some more public interaction through the web and street-level events,” said Jeff Parent, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Nissan Canada Inc. “At Nissan Canada, we know the best part of your day is driving your Nissan but with these fun, new initiatives, we will work even harder to bring that message to Canadians – regardless of what they drive, or if they drive at all.”

Beginning this week and for the next several weeks, Nissan BPOYD teams, will take to the streets in a branded Nissan cube to perform random acts of kindness. From free coffee or gas, to locating an available parking space in a busy parking lot, to umbrella valets, Nissan street teams will appear unexpectedly to hopefully be the best part of the day for thousands of Canadians.

The campaign hopes to drive the core values of the Nissan brand from the street to the web, and generate numerous of online impressions through the campaign microsite and social media vehicles such as YouTube, Facebook and twitter. The excitement of street team activities should encourage the public to share their experiences and drive them to visit and their social media networks. The microsite will feature videos of performed acts of kindness as well as many other fun distractions designed to be the Best Part of Your Day.

For more information, visit or follow BPOYD on twitter.

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