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USA 1 Charge System Pls

America our energy is not "clean" energy.   We use coal for the most part.    We need taxdollars used to create new technologies for "long term" national security. 
This Leaf deal is starting to look like a NUTTY Pyramid Scheme

NISSAN it's time to punt.

What Carlos Ghosn did w/corrupt executives was a "scam" done to a lot of good people & countries.    He "strong armed" the board into doing the EV before it was ready.I believe this happened due to the 100,000 car order for Renault & the Power grab that was taking place.   

Thus NISSAN needs it's automony back.   NOW!!!
Shame on you Mr. Saikawa for agreeing to this ONLY so you could be the NISSAN CEO.Sorry Sir Sharyn Saw the Scam and Sensed Something on the Executive Floor.  Never before had I been to one nicknamed the "play pen".   I "thought" it was odd and & I Told Tavares.

America  I believe in the EV.  In fact some have told me I had convinced them NOT to use a car with oil.    These people do NOT believe in global warming.   They are red state republicans.  They want the EV for Homeland Security. 

I told a guy last night that "the winner" in the EV race is Bill Gates & Warren Buffet.

The losers will be American Taxpayers (for having to pay for TWO types of charges) and NISSAN for they will "Have Egg on there face".   Everytime a taxpayer see's an ChaDeMo charger NOT being used and a line for the Best Buy or who ever charger.... they'll think of NISSAN... 

Instead Let's make them think of Ghosn.  He's the responsible one.

We need a coalition of the companies that make EV's and Charges to do a press release. The peson that needs to announce it is Shai Aggasi. 

Last night I voiced a strong opinion about Silicon Valley's Better Place.  I said they are KEY to making the world as they say a Better Place.  I hope NISSAN is proactivily negotiating to get Fords technology and can get the heating and cooling system installed on the leafs.  Either that or Renault YOU"LL lose that 100,000 car order.   I heard that the current battery will degragate so fast in the Israelly heat. 

Good thing your doing "battery swaps" that way NO customer will feel the financial pain.  ONLY those that own the batteries.  Mr. Aggasi that fact makes you look INNOCENT!!! 

???   Maybe America might be sending some cars to Israel via Ford.   

NOW we need the coalition to work toward America having ONE unified charging system.  This needs to happen NOW!!!!   ??? How many leafs made it to Oregan.

???  NISSAN have I made my point.

Time to be Honest.

Honest with AMERICA
Honest with FRANCE
Honest with JAPAN

Get it !!!

Have A Great Say!!!                     Sharyn

What Comes First, The Car Or The Charger? Portland, Oregon Answers  Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield August 9th, 2010 

So, who can use the charging point?

While the fast charging station is free to use, entrance to the garage charges $3 to park for the time needed to use the charger.

And while Portland has a high number of electric vehicles already, most of them are D.I.Y conversions which will not be able to make use of the high-power CHAdaMO connector.

Right now, the only vehicles we can think of which are able to use the system are Nissan's 2011 Leaf, which won't reach consumers until December this year and Mitsubishi's 2011 i-Miev, which Mitsubishi have yet to publicly plan a roll-out for.

Even though the charger won't get much use until this Winter, expect this to be the first of many fast-charger roll-outs, proving that the world is getting ready for EVs.

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