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Weekend Rant!!!

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10% of ALL merchandise goes to Hurricane Katrina Victims that are "still" needy.  Evidently Ghosn and Morton "ate" the "cake" that should have gone to the POOR people that "truly" suffered.  Haley Barbour "served" them the cake.    GET IT!!!!!

French Consulate!!!
A source close to Renault said Pelata would probably have to leave, protecting Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn who is also head of partner Nissan Motor
Do NOT make Pelata take the "hit" for Ghosn..   A prominent republican confirmed "things".  Ghosn and Barbour are "going down"..  Please no more blood shed (figuritly)  If Pelata is innocent HE needs to lead Renault!!!!   Please Read:
It's time to Get Rid OF Ghosn!!!  PLEASE!!!!   AGAIN!!!  Do NOT make Renaults Pelata take a "hit".... I hear he's smart.  "This" era of Ghosn's deceptions has to end!!!
It's time for the FRENCH to make a statement about corruption in business. Because the Renault Three are INNOCENT!!!
Also    ???  Maybe you could do me a favor. 
It's my belief that the American press has NO balls.  They're afraid to tell my story. I'm having "flashbacks" to communism.
They are withholding information just like the Russians did in Cold War up till the wall fell.  The American people do NOT know what is "really"
happening in America.  In America the press leans Left or RIght.  NOBODY is for the "Average" American.   I'm AVERAGE...  I just want JUSTICE in America and fairness for the taxpayers. 
VERY IMPORTANT!!!! The spending habits of international executives (some who NOW work at Renault) at Nissan North America was morally wrong.  I was considered one of the top relocation consultants and I was told to help them spend AMERICAN taxpayer money.  I was asked to locate a spa at taxpayer expense for a French VP to get oxygen facials.  
France- We have hungry people in America.  We have children who need money spent on education, as an American I did NOT believe that hard earned taxpayer money should be spent to pamper greedy executives.    Their salaries are big enough to pay for their own luxury treats.
French Consulate my life as a whistle blower in Tennessee is miserable.  I have been wrongfully jailed. My child has suffered.
FYI-  For years while doing my job  I was called a "French Sympathizer" by people at NISSAN that sided with the Japanese leadership.  Ghosn created a "divided" corporate culture.  Respect did NOT happen for people.   It's sad but TRUE. Because I respected  ALL People I was questioned and not trusted by those in management that wanted Saikawa to succeed Ghosn.  I did NOT want Saikawa because he was connected to those that discriminate.  Women in management declined from 20.9% to 10% AFTER Saikawa took over as Chairman of the Americas.  Unethical HR people led by Greg Kelly and Mark Stout acted like corporate modern day SS officers and "eliminated" good hardworking people (women, minorities, gays, and high quality performers that wanted "fairness"... read voices from NISSAN on ).
OK comparing NISSAN HR to the Nazis sounds EXTREME ...but hear me out.  I'm trying to make a point (FYI my "style" is a bit dramatic.. get it!!!.  FYI- .I learned my techniques from the people that "taught" Glenn Beck from FOX NEWS on "how to relate to average red state America"....OMG!!!  I can't believe I admitted that:).   Back to my point:  
What NISSAN HR did (Under Ghosn's leadership) to the hard working employees was morally and ethically WRONG!!!   Years ago I met a holocaust survivor and what Nissan HR was doing seemed "very" similar, except at NISSAN they did NOT kill people they killed careers.   Look at what they did to the Renault Three.  It's beyond inhumane.   The HR leadership is Tennessee is RACIST!!!..I can prove it!!!  Nissan's OWN internal statistics prove the discrimination against women.   WOW!!!  
???  Did YOU get the point...        YES!!!  This is a "good" rant!!!   It's the last one of the week.  I'm taking tomorrow off :) :)
France- The fact is I simply was a relocation consultant who was "just trying to do my job". NISSAN HR was scared of me because "I'm smart" and I asked questions about their unethical behavior.
France  ???  Can YOU please contact the American government and tell them to HELP ME!!!
I'm afraid NISSAN "bought"  the press and they will not tell my story.  At least the Renault Three got press and NOW they are are on the VERGE of being vindicated.  I'm living in a whistle blowing purgatory with this "muzzled" press in America. ??  Maybe the people in Tennessee don't want to read about discrimination and corruption... Maybe they NEED to read about it or it will be "ignored" and will continue.  Some people in the press might have daughters. ???  maybe they should report the discrimination happening so their children will have opportunities when they get older.   ???  Maybe there's a reason my story is ignored. 
Maybe the people that work for the local papers and news stations in Tennessee have new Maximas or maybe they don't have enough local reporters and only do that "wire" stuff.   I DON"T KNOW!!!   There could be a reason....  again I DON"T KNOW.  I'm going to ask them WHY.  In a press release REAL SOON!!!!!   
The local paper seems to only write Puff pieces about NISSAN.   It was "front page" news the other day when NISSAN sold more Rogue's but having an INNOCENT person jailed 3 times gets NOTHING!!!!                ???   WHY!!!  
Maybe it's because of "this" - For years executives at Nissan connected to Carlos Ghosn have profited from hard working taxpayer money and they did deals with Haley Barbour and he "might" become President of America (god help us if that happens) .  France "If" that happens I will need "political" asylum. One of my blogs viewers suggested i might need the "other" type of asylum.  NO!!!   not needed    YET!!!   "If"   I don't  escape  from this 'stupid" prejudice state in America one that keeps prolonging my agony and falsely arresting me for doing what is MORALLY & EHTHICALLYT right I made need that type of facility later. 
The society in Tennessee is numbing to those of us that are "open minded" and respectful of diversity.  A "Good Ole Boy" local in Franklin recently asked me in a "mean" way "is it nice knowing everything"  I said "NO"... then I said "my life would be a hell of a lot easier if I were stupid you."  OK  it was a "bit" rude but I've been in "this" narrow minded culture living amongst people that are trying to discredit me and harm me for for almost 2 years as a whistle blower.  I have a "right to be cranky"  
France-  Please tell Renault to tell Nissan to "act like adults and to put on their grown up panties and MOVE ON and make corporate change"  
Again Get Rid of Ghosn!!!
Oh....French Consulate  I do LOVE Paris so "if" Haley Barbour becomes president of America ??? Will YOU take me ... Please   :) :)
Have A Great Weekend & Peace and Respect
Sharyn Bovat
France embarrassed by Renault spying debacle
PARIS (Reuters) - France faced severe political embarrassment on Friday after carmaker Renault (RENA.PA) said the three top executives it sacked for industrial espionage in January might not be spies after all.
Finance Minister Christine Lagarde said the country's second-biggest autos group must face "all the consequences" now that it thinks it might have been tricked.
The scandal has shaken the company to its core, and at one point threatened to trigger a diplomatic spat with China.
Chief Operating Officer Patrick Pelata said he would "accept the consequences" of the debacle once the inquiry was complete, as he admitted in a newspaper interview there were reasons to doubt Renault had suffered industrial espionage.
A source close to Renault said Pelata would probably have to leave, protecting Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn who is also head of partner Nissan Motor (7201.T).
"It's likely to be Patrick Pelata who forms the shield to protect the CEO," the source said on Friday. "In this story, somebody has to throw themselves on the grenade."................................

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Subject: the nissan whistleblower..... Sharyn Bovat....UPDATE important!!!

...."On Monday, Renault's number two director Patrick Pelata visited Prime Minister Francois Fillon's office to discuss the inquiry.  Press reports afterwards said he had admitted the firm was probably the victim of a "manipulation" linked to internal score-settling."......  the AFP
 I knew that Nissan was having an “internal battle of control”  A “Good Ole Boy” network connected to Haley Barbour controlled HR and they wanted Mr. Saikawa to be the next Nissan Chairman.     The fact is the problem at NISSAN is “CORRUPTION”  Carlos Ghosn and his “right hand man” Jim Morton personally profited by being “friends of Haley”    Some of my viewers even told me of Federal money that was earmarked for Hurrican Katrina victims that was abused by Carlos Ghosn and Jim Morton.   I was told that the Nissan EV would be a “Failed Obama Program”   …..   Haley Barbour wants to be President of America and his BIGGEST donors are the Oil and Coal people.   ???  Now do YOU get it!!!
Also that “if the EV is a “flop” then America will not make another attempt for DECADES.   So “if” Ghosn fails the company could go bankrupt.   He still got his big CEO checks and he helped the OIL industry that mainly based in the Middle East.   Ghosn is from Lebanon.   ???  If the Nissan Leaf “failed” maybe Haley Barbour as President was going to “write off” the debt to America.   ??? Do YOU See the “different” twists……    I want MR. Tavares to be Chairman NOW!!!   My name is Sharyn Bovat a “simple” relocation consultant who spoke for the hard working American taxpayers and “scared” Nissan Executives  connected to Carlos Ghosn & Haley Barbour.   All I wanted was to “work and enjoy my life” .   ???  Can I  
This is "part" of an email I'm senging out to get help for MY situation:
.....3 men at Renault (the French company that owns 44% of NISSAN stock) accused 3 men of spying.  The executives that "framed" those accused of spying are connected to those that swore out the warrants against me in Tennessee.  I've been communicating my "thoughts" to the French consulate.  It looks like I was right. 
I do NOT want what happened to me to happen again.   3 arrests + another attempt “after I was on the local TV news ranting about diversity problems.”
The Franklin police have harassed me,  My child has been wronged by people that work for the schools.   I was put in a jail cell with a woman accused of assualt with a lethal weapon.  I was bruised and not fed when they detained me for 6 hours.   The Nissan guy told the police to "scare" me.    I NEVER should have been arrested without a court order.  Actually I never should have been arrested. I'm INNOCENT!!!  I was "framed" they sent 6  police cars to "haul me away" just to discredit me as a whistle blower.
The state then gets a grand jury to indict me saying I terrorized them.   We'll the people from the former governors office "wasted" a bunch of money when NISSAN moved to Tennessee.  I was the relocation consultant that was hired to help pampered executves.  I complained about taxpayer money being used to locate spas for Oxygen Facials.
I became a whistle blower to HELP save taxpayer money.....I “thought” I lived in America.
PLEASE.  What happened to me cannot happen again.   The Tennessee Judge who let my case continue is already on record saying he made some bad decisions becuase he's "over worked"  I hear that the judge is supposidly a good guy BUT everyone in Tennessee is  covering the butts of those executives connected to Carlos Ghosn at NISSAN.  It seems like EVERYONE in Franklin is covering their butts, I’ve been railroaded.  The chief of police announced his retirement the day of "my" grand jury.    I heard he wanted to stay 50 years but left after 47 years.  NOW he wants to "consult" for the city if that's the case he should have just “stayed” the chief of police.  I’m tired of living in a “fishbowl” I need help.
Look at the article below.  Nissan/Renault is having an "internal battle of control".  My arrest was simply just part of a corporate game.  Those “greedy” international executives took advantage of the State of Tennessee and the city  of Franklin and the state NEVER should have played them.  THIS IS AMERICA!!!!   I’m scared that the people in Tennessee will “hurt me” just to save the embarrassment.  Please help me &  have a  great day!!! 
Sharyn  Bovat
from the AFP 
No evidence yet of spying at Renault: French police
By Remy Bellon (AFP) – 5 hours ago
PARIS — Police probing alleged industrial espionage at French car giant Renault said Thursday they had drawn a blank, as a case Paris once branded evidence of "economic warfare" appeared set to fizzle out.
A source close to the investigation told AFP intelligence officers had been "astonished" by the weakness of the evidence Renault presented against three of its executives sacked over claims they had leaked company secrets.
Police have found no trace of Swiss bank accounts the accused men were alleged to have held, he said, suggesting that Renault's internal inquiry could have been fed false account numbers by squabbling managers. And a source close to the Liechtenstein police's probe into the case said alleged bank accounts said to he held there by the trio did not exist either. "Apparently, the information was wrong. The investigation led to no results," said the Liechtenstein official.
n January, Renault sacked three senior managers over alleged industrial espionage and launched legal action against them. The trio have denied the allegations and have hit back with lawsuits for defamation.
Renault has suggested the executives had sold pricing data on the firm's future electric car models -- which are key to the French giant's strategy, based on an enormous investment in as yet unproven technology.
When the scandal erupted, the French government sounded an alarm, warning of "economic warfare", amid press reports accusing China of paying off European executives for trade and technology secrets.
China denied any involvement.
A former police detective working for Renault's internal security service gave the DCRI police intelligence agency the details of his internal inquiry, but the serving officers were unimpressed, the police source told AFP.
Investigators quickly began to doubt that what had happened amounted to industrial espionage, he said. It appeared to relate to a simple internal dispute that might be dealt with by an industrial tribunal, he added.
The three executives were sacked after Renault received anonymous letters accusing them.
An internal inquiry accused them of receiving bribes of 50,000 to 60,000 euros in numbered Swiss bank accounts for the allegedly leaked company data, but these alleged accounts have not been traced, the source said.
When the DCRI team -- "astonished by the weakness of the case" -- asked the Renault security official for more evidence he refused to reply, which they found "strange, coming from a former criminal investigator".
Since the initial buzz generated by the scandal has died, doubts have been increasing about the quality of Renault's evidence, with magistrates and state officials critical of its level of cooperation with the police inquiry.
On Monday, Renault's number two director Patrick Pelata visited Prime Minister Francois Fillon's office to discuss the inquiry.  Press reports afterwards said he had admitted the firm was probably the victim of a "manipulation" linked to internal score-settling. 
But on Thursday, Renault's lawyer Jean Reinhart was still denying that the firm had been either the victim or the author of such a manipulation of the evidence, and insisted that its case had yet to be disproved.
"I reject totally this term 'manipulation'," he told Europe 1 radio. "We are not looking at something like that. For the moment we have no information that shows that the initial thesis, that of spying, is false."
A judicial source told AFP that Paris prosecutors hoped to receive within eight to 10 days evidence of the existence or otherwise of any bank accounts held by the executives in Switzerland or Liechtenstein.
And a source close to the Liechtenstein police's probe into the case said that alleged bank accounts said to he held there by the trio did not exist.
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