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2012 Edition of Sharyn

This edition is retro & reminisent of the "plain brain" days when Sharyn could be parked in any lot and nobody would notice. 

The 2012 Edition of Sharyn has the "feel" of being  battered but  has an engine that cannot be beat.  

Those that enjoyed the Sharyn in the 80's have found this retro version  similar yet stronger, wiser and bitchier that previous editions. 

Gone are the "effervescent airhead" image

This edition is prepared to give TESTIMONY to prove it's accuracy.  

Investing in outdated technology will not give a manufacturer success.   

The 2012 Sharyn has suffered a rough year from PTSD and it's parent has been diagnosed with Alzheimers

Although the stress on the engine has exceeded the amount most could deal with this model will prove that "range" can be defined in MANY ways.  The navigation on the 2012 is fully loaded and will get to the destination. Which is place of peace and respect. 

This tax issues have have NOT been resolved and the Sharyn is "over heating"....  Luckily a technician with strong connections in Japan has offered support and the tax issue if not resolved will go the HIGHEST levels.
Ya'll know "how" ridicules this is.   The fact is I've been abused by NISSAN. 

Dominique Thormann  YOU win.  Have the French keep working with NISSAN execs and keep taking IDB bond money - keep discriminating.  I DON"T give a rat's ass.  Keep the corruption-keep the good ole boy network-keep misleading people about "how much" your doing for the community.   

Just "end this".... call me.   I will move out of the state.  You can keep your fancy life style and big "taxpayer funded" bonuses.  I've worked hard for over 2 years proving the fraud and NOBODY cares.

If people in Tennessee don't mind being taken advantage then there's NOTHING I can do about it. 

Tennessee residents I wish EVERYONE a good life.  NOW just give me "mine" back.   I just want FAIRNESS & NISSAN needs to "make a decision" about the whistleblower:  Nissan is paying Joe Baugh to keep "trumped up" charges going.   

I'm DISGUSTED by the fact that my constitutional rights have been violated:  I want to move back to America.

Sharyn Bovat

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