The Original Blog of the NISSAN Whistleblower 

Weekend Edition #4

Monday at noon the "rights" to
Skirts Speak the book
will be available I need to start a legal defense fund.
One Woman' Fight for Womens Rights, Using "Tools" from the Silicon Valley
Arriana Huffington... Maybe YOU could be the co author.   I would like YOU to market the book on all the talk shows.  
at the NISSAN USA HQ in Tennessee

I Spoke...

Look What Happened to Me:

Grumpy's  the "official" Bail Bonds of 
The Girl In the Black Honda
Fast -Efficient- and My Bond Man was Attractive

I "Rang" and They "Sprang"

Thank You Jason for YOUR Kindness!!!  It was a "tough" day and YOU made me laugh!!!

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