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Now my Rant:

Henry Barbour (Haley Barbour's nephew & political minion) told me at the 1992 RNC convention his “strategic idol” is HITLER.  

Now YOU know what "fuels" my passion to squash Barbour's 2012 Dream to be President,  I knew June 2009 that he would be a contender I'm scared. 

???  Why do YOU think there’s so much RACISM in Mississippi. 
Please Read win win corp. on this blog  Haley Barbour's Brother Jeppie (Henry's Dad is a Tea Party leader from a "racist faction" of the Tea Party ... NOT ALL Tea Partiers are racist yet racist elements exist primarily in the south)

'Draft Haley' for RNC touted

Political insiders want governor to return as national party chairman

Molly Parker • • October 24, 2010


The point is to maximize election opportunity in 2010," Henry Barbour said. "We think the country is going down the wrong track."

Henry Barbour is the Republican committeeman from Mississippi, and his name has been floated as a potential RNC chairman.

"If anybody can come close to having the political genius of Haley Barbour, it's Henry Barbour," Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Brad White said………..   

Henry Barbour was asked to monitor me at the RNC convention in Houston .  I had an access ALL area’s badge, and they could not get rid of me for the CA Governors office placed me there.

 “Get this”  Henry Barbour actually showed me where Cheney’s trailers were backstage at the Astrodome and told me NOT to go there.  

 ???  Why do YOU think I went there and that’s where I bumped into “W”.    Please Read… blog spot posted last winter:

For the record "W" was well spoken & kind to me when we met backstage at the convention.

If you read the Good Ole Boy Mindset you'll see the "issues" of racism in the south.   This is what I'm fighting for rephrased RESPECT ALL PEOPLE.

I even say on that page that I believe "W" in not promoting racism or the Bush family it's those that got him elected,  I was referring to the MISSISSIPPI element of the RNC.

That said:  some of the "nicest" people that I've met in Tennessee are originally from Mississippi so I'm NOT generalizing, still EDUCATION is important.

Below is a comment from a supporter of Haley Barbour's that admits he gives “Goodies to the Good Ole Boys” again this is a supporter.

Click Link For Full Article:

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Stog1 wrote:

Perry’s argument ‘he’s been there, done that’, is a very good reason to have Haley server as RNC chairman again. Haley did an outstanding job and had a very good national TV show that sadly wasn’t carried on many cable systems and therefore not viewed by as many as could have. If we heed Perry’s advice we wouldn’t re-elect Glen Harper next week. He’s ‘been there, done that’.

However, it’s time Haley dumped his habit of seeing his kin and close friends have government or party paid positions and note that ‘new blood’ is what seems to be sparking the movement created by the various Tea Party groups.

Haley can once again be an outstanding party chairman but he can’t be elected president. Why waste the money on an unattainable campaign but instead use it to help elect a candidate that can win.

As for as Rep. Brown’s comments, today cell phones, the Internet and live video conferencing programs can have him readily available in a ‘virtual setting’ perhaps faster than being in the state.

10/24/2010 7:10:49 AM

My Name is Sharyn Bovat: 


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Discrimination is WRONG!!!

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