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Note to Mr. Tavares

Mr. Tavares,

President Obama faced a Grand Jury in Tennessee just like “this” skirt.   The fact that case even made it to a Grand Jury "used" to surprise me but now "I truly understand the mindset of many in Tennessee and I'm terrified". 

I’m being “set up for failure” by those that work for YOUR company that are in a "Good Ole Boy" network. They got their friends in the community involved.  

For the rest of my life when/if I apply for a job/child/apartment I have to check YES on the application when it says   ??? Have YOU ever been arrested.  

The harassment I've received from those associated with the Good Ole Boy network is WHY I asked for the meeting. All I asked was for an "update" & I was just sitting in the lobby. Simply someone needed to tell me "respectfully" when this "drama" would be over.  It was summer and I wanted to take my daughter to see her grandma in California.  The arrest has actually shown people "how bad the harassment I've received for being a whistle blower is".

Sir, from day one I said I’d wait for corporate “change” at NISSAN, it's been OVER a year and I can tell it's going to happen.   I see my "thoughts" all over the global website.   All I need is s a timeline of "change" for I have a child, this needs to end.

Respectful Regards,


Tennessee Grand Jury Fails to Indict Obama on Treason

By LBG, 12/08/2009

Another Obama “Birther” case bites the dust. This time in Tennessee.

Despite a brief media frenzy, indictments sought against President Obama, a grand jury foreman and an assistant district attorney were not returned by the Monroe County grand jury.

Walt Fitzpatrick has been seeking to indict President Barack Obama on treason charges, but the grand jury failed to grant his request. Grand jury proceedings are kept secret until indictments are handed down, and when the December session for Monroe County was released, neither the president’s name nor Gary Pettway or Jim Stutts was on the list.

Fitzpatrick is claiming President Obama is actually Barry Soeto and was not born in the United States and is therefore serving illegally.

If this had been Bush, where do you suppose MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, the New York Times, and Joe Klein would be today? Here’s the answer: On the steps of the Monroe County Tennessee court house reporting Bush had “dodged a bullet”.

No indictment for President Obama from Monroe County grand jury

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