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Failure for Power

The Battle for Human Decency in Sept. Will Be in Honor of Victims of 9-11

Carlos Ghosn had no intiention of having a successful EV.  He took over a Billion dollars to build a car using battery technology from the 90's.   The "politics" on the American front were done by Jim Morton, Ghosn's "right hand man" a friend who worked with him at Michelin.  

Jim Morton left Nissan AFTER the move to Tennessee.... Those in Japan were NOT happy with the "true" numbers.  The Boston Consulting Groups was right.  

After he left NISSAN Mr. Morton then went to work for a consulting company in South Carolina owned by a friend of the deceased Lee Atwater.....    Mr. Atwater was BIG in republican politics during the
late 80's early 90's the time of the Lockerbie crash....  I have more...  Since Mr. Atwater is dead I won't go there...OK

???  Would you like me to connect the dots of Ghosn to Gitmo and Guantanamo......   

I believe that those connected to South Carolina Senator Jim Demint in South Carolina are responsible for the harassment I've received & NISSAN cannot succeed with CEO's that have "other" agendas.  

???  Ask the people of Great Britton on how they view former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

America needs a HEALTHY Republican and Democratic party and I emailed THAT to Carlos Tavares & I forwarded that email to Gannett's Mark Silverman in January.

NISSAN needs a HEALTHY corporate culture and THAT IS WHY I STARTED THIS BLOG.

People that were attached to the Clinton Administration have "profited" from this scheme.   Haley Barbours people tried to use the "failed EV" as a tool to get Mr. Barbour in the White House.... Jim Demint  is connected to the head of the Tea Party....Sal Russo .  


I started my blog because I knew that Ed Gillespie worked with Newt Gingrich and the Clinton Administration and they got America out of debt. 

~One More Thing~

With ALL the baggage President Obama has created for himself, there is most likely no shovel that can "get him out of the hole".... that said;  ONLY if congress creates bipartisan teamwork will the economy get better in 2013.  It's time to start working on success for America today ..... NOW!!!

Sorry Sonny Page Viewed by former Deukmejian staffer.... said "it was Tom Cambell" not Ed Zshau.....everything else is accurate....

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