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Williamson County DA

August 6th 2010

Williamson Couty DA  "new" deal
 the same as before except + I

want the county to donate 100k for start up cost payable to:

The NISSAN Skirts Speak Foundation 

which will be run by a
board of 10 influential women from Williamson, Rutherford

and Davidson Counties.
The organizations purpose will be to mentor girls ages  12-16 on self

esteem, the value of education, health and fittnes and to inspire them to be "Free to Be" anything

they want. The community will be telling these girls the "glass" ceiling in TN is now shattered

FYI - TN Your only 40 years late     "It's a good deal". ...Expires 8-15-2010

Have A Great Day!!!!                     Sharyn

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet

July 10, 2010  9:23pm

To: the Williamson County DA or authority on the court. 

This morning I got a call from someone who had a call from the police. They said that there was a "warrant" for my arrest.

??? Why did they not call my Bail Bondsman

??? Why did they not call me.

My "thought" the "Good Ole Boys" wanted to humiliate me like they have done for over a year. I called the phone number 615-418-3904 and the law official who did not give me his name said I was to be arrested because  I "texted" an email to Tavares .Which I put on a public Linkedin site.  Two days "after" I did it.  this "proved" the actions of wanting me in jail were that of "Rob" the NISSAN "Good Ole Boy" Legal Leader.  He did NOT have the best interest of NISSAN he was "protecting his own interest".    I said to the law officer this morning ??? what would YOU like me to do. He said... "you should go to the police" yet he was NOT specific.  He actually sounded "confused" that I even called him.   WOW!!! 

HELLO!!!! Are they crazy the police took me into jail for questionable reasons. Then today I waited ALL day for a call from the police....They have MY cell number and NO call. Then I waited to hear from my Bail Bondsman Jason ....NO call.  I checked "protical" and this was NOT followed. 

I "proved" Rob and "Good Ole Boy" legal were simply "protecting their own".  

The "warrant" is ridicules. This harassment is unjustified.  I was "simply" sitting in the lobby at NISSAN.
I've been under "extreme stress" all week since I was taken to jail for what was obviously an attempt to "scare me".  

What the "Good Ole Boys"  want to do to me is to continue the humiliation that has been "never ending" & NOW they have the community involved.  This is the community that my child calls home.  I had to tell my 8 year old her mommy was arrested.   She knows I've fought for women's rights & look what happened to her mom when she spoke up for what was morally right.  I had to "make light" of the situation so she won't be scared.  Even though I purchased a prison outfit and tried to make jail not seem so scary she looked at me today and said "mommy I love you I don't want you to go to jail".   Then she said "who will take me to Sonic".   I wanted to cry.   She knows what's happpening is serious.  I told her I'm not scared.  Williamson County I'm being "tough" for my child.  Candidly in this letter i'm telling you now i'm  terriifed of being abused in jail if the "good ole boys" succeed in sending me back".   THIS NEEDS TO END!!!   I'm the "good" guy.   Don't YOU get it!!!! 
I fought for women, proper spending of taxpayer money, against corruption and discrimination. 

If a warrant "really" exist I want a call at 615-415-6675......I will arrange a lawyer who will "protect me" and I will surrender to legal authorities that I "trust".    Seriously for the "whistleblower' that was proven to be true to be harassed by the Williamson County Police is truly scary and something is "not right".   

People have told me I need to sue for "so many reasons".  That said I believe the police were "bullied" by Rob and the other man (maybe Burger) at NISSAN. I want to show my "child" that her mom did what was morally right and I want resolution NOW.  

Here's a "deal".

1)  If the county drops the charge

2)  Gives me a "public" apology to ME on the front page of WIlliamson AM

3)  $5000 for "my" humiliation, pain, suffering, and false imprisonment.

4)  Makes a public statement against "Good ole Boy" networks and creates a Community Code of Conduct

5)  Increases "my" protection by the police to protect me and my child from "Good Ole Boy" retaliation.

I will sign a document that I will take NO further action against Williamson County or the City of Franklin.

Williamson County, this is a "good" deal.& it expires Monday July 12th at 12noon.

Call me at 615-415-6675.

Sharyn Bovat

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