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True Leaf cost ??? 63k

Message to:  Larry Dominique (the product planning Chief who worked with Carlos Ghosn on the Leaf.

??? Was that YOU at the airport Friday morning talking about NISSAN's FUTURE....

??? Maybe you have a twin, I was just standing there YOU talk loudly.   Wow!!!  What are the odds.    


Anyway on Friday I got the “thought” to call an expert & VOILA new data, amazing how the puzzle pieces come together. 


It's been relayed to me that EACH Nissan Leaf cost approx 63,000-67,000 to produce... Not including marketing ... It's an "image car" like the GTR and NEVER was it intended to be a success. 

??? Does Congress know the DOE was spending money for a French- Japanese company to have a product that will "fail" in the mass market.  NISSAN cannot afford to have the Leaf succeed.  I've blogged about that for a LONG time.

The TPT test gives the Nissan Leaf 100 miles per charge BUT Nissan knows it's 70-75 miles per charge. In 2 years it will be 60 miles per charge cut that in 1/2 with bad weather. Yes!!!  30 miles in COLD weather.  Consuumer reports did the long term test starting in April.  ??? Why.

Oh.... so much more....

Get this dealers do “deals” with phony buyers..who hold onto a $99 reservation UNTIL the car gets to the lot and then the dealers sell it at a MARK UP!!!   The dealers know the "demand" for the Leaf will be short lived

Once Chevy Volt gets HOV status in California the NISSAN leaf sales will TANK!!!  

Nissan execs know that and lots are “bailing”...

???  What was that movie with Jim Carey.     

One approached me a while ago who had a job offer with a competitor.  He wanted to know if “Ghosn was Going”.  Evidently many know he “scammed” America.  FYI - I told to take the job with the other company.  Saying NISSAN has let the Leaf fraud go on too long.   If Carlos Tavare were taking over it should have already happened.


I was told the Smyrna battery plant in Tennessee is “behind” on purpose.

???  Could that be true.   Please someone research that. It's important to verify this.   


OMG!!!   I kept emailing Mr. Tavares that Image is Everything and it looks like NISSAN’s image is going to be that of a corrupt company that is BURNING DOE money.

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