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CRV vs Murano


How did I get name for my webite???

Vermeer is one of my favorite Painters and guess what I drive.

NISSAN I really think you could become #2 if EVERYONE worked as a team and an effort was made to make make & market cars that women would want.  

Why did I buy my Honda CRV?   I had access to YOUR discount.   Because I needed a car that is user friendly.  A car that had ammenities that mattered to me.  This guy at NISSAN was all excited about the engine, he kept talking about it and he bored me. the focus needed to be on what I wanted.  The ammenities I wanted were all bundeled together nicely at HONDA.  The car at the time was so popular they were out of stock in BLACK.  So they offered me a GREAT deal on the 4 wheel drive. I decided to wait an extra month for the  2 wheel drive.   I wanted a "fuel efficient" car.  NISSAN  the  "engine" didn't matter to this customer (if a car company has a good reputation I would assume the engine is fine...done).  I wanted a good navigation system, XM radio, leather seats, sunroof.

Plus your Murano had a big butt.  Not attractive. 
America is overweight in general(Tennessee is 4th in the country for obesity) we as a society have big bottoms, still we don't like to look at them. Even with cars.

The new Murano has lost a few kilo's yet the tail lights make it look "big". Some women don't wear pants with pockets because they make their bottoms look larger.  

Get It.... NISSAN....You need me or some other "skirt" who speaks. 

I like challanges.     I see a problem and I want to fix it.

It's YOUR call on which problems I attack.

NISSAN are YOU Listening?


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