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Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush

???    Are You on Board with the EV Success.
You were talking to the President with your dad over the weekend.   

???   Maybe you can be apart of the coalition for the "new road". 
Independent Energy.

I think it would be FANTASTIC to see a member of the Bush family help our country establish FREEDOM from relying on volatile regions for oil.

Found a picture of your brother with my term paper. 
I think I'll save it for the book.  

Sir, it would have been fantastic if the "orange" hat team had won the Internal Battle of Control IN 1992.  

It makes me "sad" to think what if.

Except for me the "pink" hat team was a bunch of Tea totallers.

???  Maybe that's how they came up the the "Tea Party Name".  That  Boston connection really didn't make sense.  Everyone knows right wingers don't "fit in" in Massachusetts, the land of the Kennedy's.  Ouch!!!  Bad statement.  The Tea Party invaded last month and showed America how powerful they really are with the election of Scott Brown.  WOW!!!

one more thing I solved a "mystery"

The disappearance of my "Pink" hat.
Looks like it's most likley in the possession of a Venture Capitalist. 
Most likely residing in the Bay Area.  

Sir, if your reading this.   YOU HAVE MY HAT.

Do you remember that dessert at Auberge or that mediterranean restaurant when I had berries, with a muscat sorbet and the pastry chef put a leaf (I think mint) on top that was dipped in gold.  You told me to eat it.  I wanted to save it for it was beautiful.  That leaf inspired Idea #10 and for that you can keep the hat. 

Hope your having a Great Life.

& Jeb Bush Have A Great Day!!!        Sharyn 
Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet 

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