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It Gets Better Project

Last month I watched a video that Hillary Clinton made to support teens in America that were "different" for the "It gets better" project.   This project is to support children/teenagers in America that are gay to NOT think about suicide and to encourage them to stay alive.   These children sadly n in America are bullied and harassed.

YES!!!  I understand that in some cultures around the world it is NOT acceptable to be gay but in America people have the "Freedom to Be"......   Well at least that was the goal of our founders.  

Too many people have told me that gays were NOT welcome at Nissan North America and to discriminate in AMERICA based on sexual orientation is WRONG!!!  

Today I made a video to support RESPECT for ALL People for the "It's Gets Better" project.  In Tennessee  It's important that EVERYONE gets along in society.   My dream is that people in the south will "open their minds" and Instead of "fearing the foreigner" they will reach out and by doing so they can enjoy and appreciate the cultures.

By doing so EVEYONE might make a transition into "acceptance of diversity". 

Here's my video for the project:

Have A Great Day!!!!

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