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Report: Nissan Preparing Murano Convertible; Would You Buy One?  Yesterday 09:03 AM by andrew.peterson 


………They had an article about the “convertible” then reader comments….  Yesterday I showed you “an” article today you get the comments from readers……  OUCH!!!!!


38 Community Comments:

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gheffty93   (Yesterday 09:07 AM)

you would have to be crazy to buy one


ThatAstonGuy   (Yesterday 09:11 AM)

This is odd.....
Who would actually buy one?


cjcz92   (Yesterday 09:11 AM)

People will buy these. Unfortunately.


JWhat89   (Yesterday 09:12 AM)

i just can't imagine it looking very well?


TopGearTechie29   (Yesterday 09:19 AM)

I don't really know what to think of this..


jbospecial   (Yesterday 09:21 AM)

my brain hurts


grbonzo   (Yesterday 09:23 AM)

What the f....NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!


connermt   (Yesterday 09:25 AM)

Ummm..........huh? Why..... What's wrong over at Nissan HQ?


greased_ltng   (Yesterday 09:38 AM)

What the F. Do they know that the Murano is a crossover right? Whatever more convertibles FTW.


21budd   (Yesterday 09:42 AM)

To start the Murano can't decide what it is.  Is it a wagon? Minivan? Suv?  Just a glob of playdo with wheels.  I doubt the giving it a soft top will help give it "image appeal".


1969mustangfan   (Yesterday 09:51 AM)

It'll be about as good as a PT Cruiser convertible. I think Nissan is going to lose some serious $$$on this.


cactus_man   (Yesterday 09:55 AM)

huh!?  Personally, I think this is a bad idea...but I hope they make one, just so I can see what it looks like!


theguard   (Yesterday 10:05 AM)

Are they so oblivous to greenlight this low volume travesty and keep the Infiniti Essence as concept? Who over at Nissan HQ do I have to blame for this mockery? Congrats to the CEO for letting this happen... I'm sure it will still sell because there will be some spoiled-goth-punk-fetish-family-vegan-soccer mom that wants to be unique and "hip" who will buy it...


ACURA23CL   (Yesterday 10:09 AM)

HELL NO!!! What the hell is Nissan thinking?!

It's times like these that I don't understand why certain highly-desirable concepts/cars are endlessly debated for production (or even shelved/cancelled permanantly), yet garbage like this is rushed to the front lines.



dallasdan   (Yesterday 10:14 AM)

A LA PT CRUISER!!!! GOTTA BE P/R STUNT--although there was a vehicle called "thing" that could look as dumb as that one did



38 Community Comments:

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true_enthusiast   (Yesterday 10:18 AM)

The front of this thing is so ugly, I saw one on the road not to long ago  They already ruined a decent crossover and now they want to make it uglier?

Nissan, wake up!


thechief21   (Yesterday 10:46 AM)

No. ew.


leftbas   (Yesterday 10:51 AM)

I'm generally not a fan of Nissan's most recently styled cars, but I've always liked the Murano. Before I could make up my mind, I'd have to see a mock-up of what it would look like as a ragtop. But, unlike most of these posters, I'm not repulsed.


Sam338   (Yesterday 10:57 AM)

In general I won´t buy any kind of convertible other than a wrangler which is the only one that looks as good with the top on and off. But I can rent it in some beach vacation in Cancun or in Florida.


beard   (Yesterday 11:06 AM)

is it April 1st?


bdpmc68   (Yesterday 11:10 AM)

If they can keep this thing a 5 passenger with a soft top, everyone is going to be surprised at how many they sell.


valdaviper1   (Yesterday 11:34 AM)

i think it's a good idea..I was really looking forward to the Isuzu Axiom XSR coming out a couple of years back..maybe this might be just as cool.



kkuang   (Yesterday 12:09 PM)



uawbaby7   (Yesterday 12:23 PM)

I cut the top off my Murano...because I got high!


bjtheskier   (Yesterday 01:15 PM)

instead of this they should make an infiniti fx45 with a retractable glass roof like a 911 targa. it would look good, have 4 doors still, and it would be an inifiniti so it has the image that would go with a car that would obviously be more expensive than the norm


Delspencerdeltorro   (Yesterday 02:20 PM)

Did anyone commenting actually read the article? This has PR Stunt plastered all over it.

Anyway, it just seems too big to be made into a convertible, but I do want to see what the hell it looks like.


Automobile   (Yesterday 03:21 PM)

Between a Convertible Murano and a Juke...which one would you drive???  


92Vectra1.6i   (Yesterday 03:35 PM)

Ugh!! Three words: dumbest idea ever!!


Colincarguy   (Yesterday 03:42 PM)

I laughed at this headline, truly Motortrend was pulling an april fools joke (aka last years horrible corvette review). my brain does hurt thinking about this. but in retrospect, i think a shorter wheel base, 2 door, convertable murano might actually be nice looking. now we just need a concept to go from.


Down_With_CAFE   (Yesterday 03:53 PM)

go do something idiotic that bmw hasn't done. EAT THAT X6M!!!!


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38 Community Comments:

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rbuck003   (Yesterday 05:10 PM)

i donn't know about this convertible,i would have to see it first to give a true opinion but now a 4 door panamera convertible sounds cool,now the question is.  is nissan trying to show jeep,lander rover and hummer that a 4wd vehicle dose not have to be a box on wheels.


scoobs   (Yesterday 05:15 PM)

What the hell is going on at Nissan?
Crapy out dated sentra,
The odd looking and useless Juke,
No se-r version of the versa,
No update on the Titan,
CVT in the Maxima,
Hell, CVT everywhere,
The Cube,
A 370Z out paced by the new Stang,
The only car that is perfect is the GTR.


IBx1   (Yesterday 05:22 PM)

Sure, I love the idea of a convertible SUV!  Someone made a Trailblazer convertible that looked really sleek.  If they can do this, go for it, but at least show us a concept or rendering sometime soon.


Alex daOriginal   (Yesterday 05:36 PM)

it's basicly a crossover Jeep.

honestly if it looks good I migth actualy want one, and i liked the PT convertible. a coupe would have been cooler but yeah,

though i wouldn't buy one cause it's no Jeep Wrangler or classic Blazer/Bronco.


tortillarat   (Yesterday 10:12 PM)

I am increasingly convinced Nissan's execs have lost their sanity.

Then again, maybe they're brilliant?  Their line-up's certainly more...uh...interesting...than Toyota.


ManFurismoJive   (Yesterday 10:16 PM)

I literally laughed after seeing the link to this article.   But I think it would work.


CASIO90280   (Today 12:37 AM)

sighs ,my GM was talking about this trip heh thats why he was pissed hahahaha ,damn nissan if 30 plus million bux is burning a whole in ur pocket id be more then happy to take that of ur hands but dont make this harbage there are plenty of things i can sell but not this.


autobug2   (Today 06:30 AM)

Glad Im not the only one to see the lunacy of such a decision at Nissan. Dallasdan brought up an interesting point regarding P/R stunt possabilities...
this so-called 'announcement' simply makes NO SENSE to auto-minded people. I see shades of `89 Dodge Dakota convertible here, which have me running to the toilet. While I wish Nissan alot of luck (if this is actually true), I see this brain-fart from their design team falling flatter than a bag of wet cement.
Especially, if this turns out to be another ASC cobble-job like the PT Cruiser cvt. with it's basket-handle to hold the mess together. Cutting new ground in the auto industry is one thing; offering something no one wants is quite another.


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