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Sent: Sun, Oct 9, 2011 2:50 pm
Subject: NW....Sharyn Bovat links Bredesen's Company , the ECD to Solyndra.... Will talk to Hedy Weinberg of ACLU CC'ing Toyota Executives & Japanese Consulate

TODAY I emailed Silverman that I "clearly" connected Nissan~Bredesen(Silcon Ranch & ECD)~Solyndra & bad spending of federal tax dollars..

FYI Yesterday at the Whole Foods in Cool Springs I saw the owner of a solar company use their bare hands to grab nuts from the "trail mix bar".... I felt like yelling out...You're getting federal & state grants & FREE rent at the Nashville incubation center. Why don't you PAY for anything!

Last Week: Mark me to talk to Hedy Weinberg at the ACLU about what the state of TN has done to me by continuing a first time misdemeanor charge OVER 15 months (one with NO evidence provided to my attorney during discovery)

???  Did someone at Haslam's ECD talk to NISSAN about "fixing my 1099".  I need to know or I have to contact Marsha Blackburns office.

???  Does ANYONE else think that it's time for transparency in reference to the NISSAN Leaf battery and the plant in Tennessee.

I'm really tired of this ...but NOBODY is listening while NISSAN and Tennessee bullies me.

I'm fighting back and yesterday I talked to Tea Party leaders in Tennessee about "how much" federal and state money was spent for job creation NISSAN and how few  "jobs" were created at a tremendous cost. 

In reference to the DOE funded battery plant they already knew NISSAN is scandal is percolating. 

I really just want resolution and I want to work and have a normal life.....   That might be best for EVERYONE!!!!

I'm cc'ing the Toyota executives & Japanese diplomats because I've been told that middle class Americans will be mad at "foreign" auto makers for the fraud that NISSAN committed in reference to getting DOE money.  That would mean LESS sales to Toyota.  I think it's time for the Japanese auto makers to tell NISSAN to treat America and the Whistleblower with RESPECT!!!

Hope ya'll had a great weekend!!!


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Sent: Sun, Oct 9, 2011 2:06 pm
Subject: kisber quote.....


Below is from the Knoxville news....I think you'll find Kisber's quote ....funny.  

I just "connected the dots" of Solyndra to Bredesen...... You'd be AMAZED!!!!

Bet the feds already did it....... 




Mike Morrow asked Matt Kisber, former commissioner of the Department of Economic and Community Development, about the Amazon deal over the weekend. An excerpt from his resulting TNReport:

When asked Saturday night at the Tennessee Democratic Party's Jackson Day Dinner in Nashville if the Amazon agreement was in writing, Kisber gave a long pause.


"I don't actually remember," he said, then taking another pause. "I really don't. I don't know if we got an MOU (memorandum of understanding). That's so far back now, in terms of what I've been dealing with, I don't ... I don't honestly remember. I would have to defer to the current administration.


"I remember the discussions. I remember everything we discussed, but I don't remember if it got ... if there was a written agreement or not."

Kisber and former Revenue Commissioner Reagan Farr have launched Silicon Ranch Corporation, a solar power development business, since leaving office. Bredesen is chairman of the operation

Peace and Respect


Sharyn Bovat



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