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Plea For Renault

Sharyn Bovat was Jailed 3 Times in retaliation for
whistle blowing at NISSAN.

The 1st arrest 6 Franklin police cars and ½ dozen officers were called to NISSAN just to take an unarmed Relocation Consultant into custody.  

Bovat says the humiliation she received at NISSAN North America is inexcusable and it’s affected her health.  Sharyn is fighting for her freedom and that of the Renault Three.

Mr. Rochette was accused by a Renault official of having a bank account in Switzerland, according to his lawyer. He denied this and said he would cooperate in trying to find out why the company might have thought this.

Renault filed a criminal complaint against the three last week, and said the case was now in the hands of the Paris prosecutor, who likely would take six months to a year in his investigation.

One of Mr. Rochette's lawyers wrote to the prosecutor to say that his client was "suffering, with extreme pain, the public dishonor that Renault has allowed to be inflicted on him since the beginning of January."

NISSAN- Since I’ve been “jailed’ unjustly 3 times and had to endured numerous court appearances.  Some without legal representation due to the fact NISSAN legal connected to Carlos Ghosn contacted them and scared them off the case. 

Due to that my blood pressure has been documented at a high of 161. 

Severe weight lose, I went from a size 10 “skirt” to a size 2. 

I’ve been told the stress put me into “early menopause”.   

NISSAN When the Renault Three started fighting for their reputations I Sharyn Bovat felt for them. 
It’s been 2 years since I became a whistle blower. 

I told Carlos Tavares the Truth About NISSAN.  

Discrimination Happened at NISSAN

Corruption Happened at NISSAN

Wasteful Spending of Taxpayer Money Happened at NISSAN

NOW I hear that the stress of this Battle for Human Decency might take 2-3 years off my LIFE. 

This needs to be OVER for the Renault Three & me.

Nobody Innocent Deserves this type of Hell on Earth.

Renault     ???  GET IT!!!!


Ghosn needs to Go!!!


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