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Looks like, the right wing communications underground is going to start telling people to drive American plus NOT go electric. (see blog below).  In the recent New England Senate race some made a “big” deal about newly elected Senator Brown Driving that American Truck and his opponent a Japanese brand. 


Today after some research.  YES!!!!   It looks like the “less educated” ate up the rhetoric.   Which means it will be used AGAIN.  NOTE TO JAPANESE BRANCH……REMIND AMERICA IT’S A GLOBAL ECONOMY AND THAT YOU EMPLOY AMERICANS,


SIDE THOUGHT:    Research tells me  Sarah Palin recently drove  a Volkswagon and her GOP  running mate she was so “loyal” to on the campaign has 3  electric cars, also his wife drives a Lexus.  For the record he only has an American car registered in his name.


Back to my reason for this webpage.   Republican political “talking heads” are already  Carterizing  President Obama and saying he’s a “1” term president.  Odds are it’s 60% true that might happen.  From recent data it looks like many of his younger supporters have “disappeared”.


??? Why 


My “thought”   is the younger voters desperately wanted “change”  in aMERICA  and got frustrated when it didn’t happen quickly.  Timing is CRITICAL!!!!!!   Those younger voters that wanted  President Obama in 2008 were bright and idealistic.  They never suffered through a recession before, they don’t “get it”.  History tells us  their vulnerable to switching teams.  History also says  that in a bad  ecomony people become more protectionist.   Look at what just happened in France with the Clio.   Yet companies need to make profits.   It’s a balancing act.

YES!!!!  Wall Street says the  economy is better than last year.... but unemployment is still bad and people are starting to see the side effects of  “Bush” spending and the financial cost of war,  yet it’s been “renamed” and Obama has gotten responsibility.

OK back to my point.... we can’t “change” the lack of commitment of this group  to our president instead the people who want success in America NOW  &  and want the government to support “good Policy” must be proactive and  switch gears... to keep these voters on the side of “reason”.  We need to encourage this generation to become “Global Green Citizens”.

We need to make it Fashionable for those in their 20’s to Care about “things” and invite them to be a member of something that’s NOT the Tea Party movement.   We need to Woo them away from that “element”.  

???   How

The Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet  strategy ..... created by a  Partnership with different “ global and green” industries.....One that has a unified mission one that is not all “tree hugger” one that is about   “Freedom, Prosperity  and Peace”.    VERY IMPORTANT FOR SUCCESS, One that has “fun” events, networking open to all Americans like the Tea Party and is not all “gloom and doom”.   Enviromentalist Elite....Not everyone thought an inconvinent truth was a “fun” movie to watch.  


The Electric Coalition.     I got a PLAN.  

It must be implemented soon to avoid a disaster next November.  This cannot be a partisan group.  The outcome “could” help our current president.  Because we’d have bodies to rally to support those that encouraged the agenda of

Freedom (from pollution),

Prosperity (from the creation of jobs)  &

Peace (of Mind knowing that our Energy is “independant”).  



NISSAN ~Love the Planet

Uni”VERSA”ty  comedy tour.

A group of young hot comics will tour the country.  Performing at colleges making people laugh.   Encouraging people to “go green” in a FUN way.  Maybe sell a bunch of those affordable fuel efficient  hatchbacks and sedans at the same time.....   WIN~WIN   :) :)



very important!!!!!

Coalition, I did some research.... This generation does NOT want to “save the Planet” like those in the 60’s and 70’s (they think doing that would be too much work... they're lazy... maybe too much tv or gameboy?). 

I tried out diffferent concepts and they as a generation can “LOVE THE PLANET”...
to this generation "loving" something is less of a commitment than "saving" something....
 "Get it"  It's in the use of the words!!!!

With many companies working together to get the “message” out .  Success Can Happen!!!!!


Have A Great Day!!!!!!                         Sharyn

The Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet 







Sarah Palin is now aligned with the Tea Party Movement thats going to have its convention in the “heart” of Good Ole Boy Country.  This convention is sold out and they are creating “New Mindless  Minions”.    

Tea Party Nation is pleased to announce the First National Tea Party Convention. The convention is aimed at bringing the Tea Party Movement leaders together from around the nation for the purpose of networking and supporting the movement's multiple organizations' principal goals……

Read the blog post of a "tea party" member below in reference to the electric car.   My thouht that convention will be a "Good Ole Boy" Good Time!!!!!  Good to know some of them are NOT racists (and maybe many of the attendies are just looking for a way to vent about their "issues" with the economy.  
Education is a GOOD thing!!!



this is written by:Mr Patch W. Adams  St. Louis, Missouri, United States
I am a Patriot, Lover of the Constitution and a Proud Tea Party Militia Member.

Welcome to the Wake Up Call!

I started this Blog because like many of you I feel the Government is out of control. I feel the People of this great country are not paying any attention and are asleep at the wheel. This Blog is full of my thoughts backed up by many, many hours of research on the web. I will not do the work for you. Don't take my word for it. Find the facts to back me up or discredit me. Either way rely on yourself to form an opinion. Don't be a Sheep. Lead, Follow or get out of the way!


This site is not a White Supremists Blog. I believe in Constitutional Government and Freedom for all. For Trolls that are trying to make the Tea Parties look bad......Bugger Off...

Good News…. This guy is not a racist……ALthough the FACT that he has to mention it means that ALOT of them are racists.
This guy has his own merchandise so maybe he's just a right wing capitalist.  
Read his views on the EV……  OUCH!!!!!

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

White House Celebrates First Government Built Electric Car Battery

The White House seems to think that it's important to point out all of the Good work they are doing for the environment.

No, it's not that they created a new "National Park" or Declaring a New Species "Federally Protected". No, the Obama Administration is celebrating the fact that the Now Government Run GM has built their First Car battery for the Chevy Volt all on the Tax Payers Dime.

How much of Our Dime?

Well the Government(Department of Energy)has given itself(GM) $266 million to develop this technology. $166 of that came from the Recovery Act.

I guess those are some of the Jobs that Obama said he "created or saved".

Too bad they are making battery's for cars no one really wants.

But just to add insult to injury the Government is "investing" $2.4 Billion more of our money in further development in advanced battery and electric vehicle projects.

Oddly enough, the material used to make these battery's, Lithium, is more toxic to remove from the ground than Oil and is only found in about a half a dozen places in the world. Mainly China....

So how Electric battery's are going to make us Energy independent is beyond me...

The only thing Electric Cars will do is enslave us all to the Smart Grid.

Which is the whole point of the Federal Government's involvement.

As Larry Burns of Research and Development of GM, until his recent retirement, has said:

"electric-powered vehicles will open up a new world of “smart” vehicles, in which sensor systems and vehicle-to-vehicle communications will enable collision protection, traffic routing, and remote management of the vehicle."

Yep... I can't wait until I am driving my Government Built GM Electric Volt...

That the Government will have "remote management " of...

Can you?

It is no wonder that the Obama Administration is Celebrating this Great Government Built and Tax payer Funded Achievement...

Since it appears we are Paying for Our Own Future Chains to be Researched...

And Built.

To Read the Article on the White House Blog Go To:

To Read the Article with the Gm Researcher Ideas are discussed Go To: Linked From Here

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    Global Warming De-Bunked!   Gateway Pundit  Disgusting. Shameless Liar Pelosi Tries to Pin Obama’s Deficit on Bush & GOP   one of his comment:   Shameless Liar Pelosi Tries to Pin Obama’s Deficit on Bush & GOP    ouch!!!!!!

Look at this "rhetoric".....  They are ATTACKING!!!!!!
This Guy has LOTS of Views Shared by those not very well educated “red” state masses.   We have to get the "educated" everyday Americans on board with Going Electric.  It looks lke the "good ole boys" might have taken over this independant "tea party" They are using "very cheap" ways to get their message out.   That said we can do the same.   We just need a committed group of people.






Tea Party has Climate Bill in its crosshairs

November 10, 2009 | Camille Ricketts | Comments |

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To say that Republicans are opposed to the Kerry-Boxer climate bill pending in the Senate would be an understatement. Not only did conservative members of the Environment and Public Works committee boycott the vote on the bill last week, their minority leader, Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.) has sworn to undercut president Barack Obama’s pro-carbon-trading efforts at the U.N.’s climate talks in Copenhagen next month.

Now, the more extreme wing of the party is getting into the act, with the so called “tea partiers” who rained fire and brimstone on the Democrats’ health care reform efforts this summer turning their attention to the climate package — a trend spotted recently by Mother Jones magazine.

The same people who coined and flogged the phrase “death panels” and championed Obama’s congressional hecklers (Rep. Joe Wilson, we’re looking at you), are turning their considerable wrath against the bill, which (very roughly) would establish a carbon cap-and-trade system in the U.S., limit greenhouse gas emissions and set quotas for renewable energy generation.

A new viral video, titled “Not Evil, Just Wrong,” billed as a rebuttal to Al Gore’s Oscar-winning “An Inconvenient Truth,” is making the rounds on the internet, circulated by conservative organizations like Focus on the Family, the Heritage Foundation and others. Calling itself a warning against “global warming hysteria,” the film paints climate bill supporters as extremists who are actively shutting down businesses and laying off workers in the name of environmental protection. Here’s a taste:

In addition to pulling at viewers’ purse strings, it taps several other patently tea-party tactics: Portraying environmentalism as a Hollywood, liberal, radical scheme — even trotting out electric-car enthusiast Ed Begley Jr. and GreenPeace; oddly, it chooses DDT as an example of the eco-elite (a caste defined by Gore) manipulating science to serve their ends. Apparently the World Health Organization lifted its ban on DDT, but remains blacklisted. And of course it caps it all off by inspiring disbelief in the very notion that global warming exists.

The next step for “Not Evil, Just Wrong” and its cohort is to encourage local tea party screenings. On the movie’s web site, you can buy a “Platinum Party Pack” that includes screen initations, t-shirts, posters, a small red carpet and a copy of the film for only $99.95. The group behind it claims that 400,000 viewers tuned into the online debut. But now that the initial fervor is over, they might have to turn to new strategies and slogans.

In the meantime, the Climate Bill itself is continuing its journey through the Senate, now with the full weight of the Obama administration behind it. But it’s not all smooth sailing. Moderate opponent Max Baucus (D-Mont.) threw up what could be a major roadblock today, calling for stringent trade protections so that climate measures won’t hurt domestic business.

One thing has become clear — whether it’s in a rightist movie or a moderate Democrat’s objection — when it comes to the Climate Bill: it’s the economy, stupid.

VentureBeat is hosting GreenBeat, the seminal executive conference on the Smart Grid, on Nov. 18-19, featuring keynotes from Nobel Prize winner Al Gore, Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Kleiner Perkins’ John Doerr. Register for your ticket today at

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This SCARES Me ??? could it be a “new” breed of Mindless Minions.  This is the same strategy… in 1992.

Young Americans for Freedom: "How to Involve the Youth in the Conservative Movement"

Dr. Rick Scarborough, Vision America, Author of "Enough is Enough": "Why Christians Must Engage"

Mark Skoda, Memphis Tea Party: "Collaboration in the Cloud-Applied Technology in the TEA Party Movement"

David DeGerolamo & Erika Franzi, NC Freedom Tea Party: "How to Unite State Tea Party Groups"

Lori Christenson, Evergreen/Conifer Tea Party: "How to Organize a Tea Party Group"

Dr. B. Leland Baker, "Dr. B", Professor of Management and Homeland Security, Researcher/Analyst, Author of "Conservatism and the Tea Party Movement"

Walter Fitzgerald: "Emergency Preparedness"

Smart Girl Politics: "How to Do Voter Registration Drives and Where to Find Conservative Votes" and "Women in Politics"

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read below about McCains electric cars

McCain Drives a Chick Car. At Least Palin’s Ride Is Cool

They may not agree on how to handle Pakistan or what the "Bush Doctrine" means, but Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin both think Volkswagens are cool. The senior senator from Arizona counts a 2005 VW convertible among his 13 cars, and his running mate from the great state of Alaska drives a fire-engine-red Jetta diesel when she isn’t chasing down moose on a snowmobile or carrying hockey teams or tanning beds in her state-issued Suburban.

Word that McCain drives a furrin car brought a quick response from the Obama campaign, which wanted to know just what country McCain is putting first. But the Obamaniacs missed the point. The only convertible VW imported to the states in 2005 was the Beetle. That’s right — tough-as-nails John McCain drives the biggest chick car on the planet.

Should tomorrow night’s Palin-Biden debate doom the Republican ticket, McCain can always try out for the lead in Legally Blonde, the musical.

We knew about Palin’s government-provided Suburban, a hockey-mom prerequisite. Her SUV ownership reminds us that for some ever-growing families, a seven-passenger car is truly the most-efficient means of transport. Plus, it’s big honkin’ V8 is great for hauling snow machines and making a quick getaway during a Russian attack launched within view of your house. It’s also surprising so strong a proponent of offshore drilling drives a car that can get better gas mileage than a Prius. It’s a safe bet she isn’t burning biodiesel in that Jetta though.

All this love for foreign cars led to an attack ad by Obama (below). McCain’s got some nerve, buying furrin cars! The people who built them aren’t even Americans! Well, except for those Honda employees who built the 2001 Honda sedan in his garage.

To be fair, the Obama ad has more distortions than a fun house mirror. McCain has as many foreign cars in his garage(s) as he has children, who might not want to be seen driving Buick LeSabres. But only one of them is registered in his name — the American-made Cadillac CTS he usually drives. Nine are registered in his wife’s name (she drives a Lexus). The other three are GEM neighborhood electric cars. (Note to McCain: tell people you own electric cars.)

For the record, Obama ditched his Chrysler 300C for a Ford Escape Hybrid after taking heat for driving a car that gets 18 mpg while telling Detroit to build more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Photo by Flickr user Kossy, video courtesy

Here's the article about the Senator from Mass. with the American Truck.....blogs show "it mattered".... ouch!!!!

Massachusetts state Sen. Scott Brown stands in the back of a pickup truck while greeting a crowd at a campaign rally in Plymouth, Mass., on Saturday. Brown is running against Democrat Martha Coakley and Joseph Kennedy, a Libertarian who is running as an independent, in a special election to fill the U.S. Senate seat left empty by the death of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass.

hery Steven Senne, AP

Updated 5:11 ET to reflect Coakley drives a Nissan Xterra, not a car

You would think that candidates for U.S. Senate would stick to the issues -- the wars, deficit and health care. But the Senate campaign that will be decided in Massachusetts today appears to be boiling down to a simple choice: General Motors  pickup vs. Nissan SUV.

Republican Scott Brown, a state senator, has toured the state in a 2005 GMC Canyon pickup with almost 2000000 on the odometer. He features the truck in his campaign ads to show he is an everyman in touch with blue-collar and independent voters.rah Jane Vaughan of Arlington, Mass., holds up a sign in support Democratic Senate candidate, Mass. Attorney General Martha Coakley outside at Northeastern University in Boston, on Sunday. Coakley is facing Republican Scott Brown who has been driving a pickup truck.


By Joel Jean-Pierre, AP

President Obama, campaigning for Democrat Martha Coakley, the state's attorney general, in the race took a shot at Brown when he campaigned in the state Sunday, saying you don't want a ride in that truck without knowing where it's going and, as the Boston Globe reported,"You've got to look under the hood.''

When Brown supporters got wind of Obama's comments, they answered with campaign signs at a truck stop saying, "Truck Owner For Brown.'' And Brown himself said: "Let me just tell you something, Mr. President. You can criticize my record. . . . But don't ever start criticizing my truck,'' to a roar of applause. "'Cause in a few months, I'm gonna pack up that truck and drive it right down to Washington.''

In his TV ad, Brown drives the truck and says, "I love this old truck. It's brought me closer to the people of this state,'' he says.

Neil Cavuto of Fox News says: You'd think that the auto "rescue in chief" would be careful not to bad-mouth any truck. Especially an American truck. Especially a General Motors truck. Especially an American-rescued General Motors truck.

Coakley supporters fired back. That woman is holding a sign that says "Martha Coakley drives a car. So do I." Well, her campaign says she drives a Nissan Xterra -- an SUV from a Japanese maker. Not exactly all-American.

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