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Americans want a "plan"

???  Who called Starbucks..... Every since I posted this they have been playing the music "real" load.  :) :)  it's OK ....nice tunes.

To US Political Leaders

Obviously invading the "wrong" country after 9/11 did not work.....
If YOU moderates want to retain house seats and not get whipped by the Tea Party during Mid Term elections Americans Need to Understand WHY some of the "special" programs were funded.

I do nothing but sit alone & hear converstations at Starbucks that scare me about this society.   People in "red" state TN think President Obama is responsible for the oil spilling in the gulf of Mexico. glorified stupidity!!!!  ???  What is Glenn Beck feeding's lethal to society. 

Seriously.... It's insane that these raised racists want to believe that our president is responsible.   HELLO right wing ignorant rednecks....You better wake up!!!! 

Lets get Plug in America to tell the "red" states Why we need to go electric and give them a GOAL.

Americans LOVE Goals.....  We can achieve I'm restating it


20 years after 9-11-2001
America's goal should be showing the world that: 
NYC does not depend on volatile regions for OIL I think the citizens will GET IT!!!!!   

NYC Loves People & the Planet 
We'll start by getting fleets up and running in city  government and getting Urban Hotel Chains to use EV's as fleet cars. 

Have A Great Day!!!            Sharyn 
Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet 
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