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Before you start to shoot yourself in the foot by committing to pay for 1 weeks worth or rental car for EVERY customer let’s look at more options

Remember I wrote MONTHS ago you need to Beef up
Blue Citizenship.

Then the corporate website a prominent link near CSR.

Maybe it was mentioned a
NISSAN Blue Citizenship membership is part of the purchase.  

The Goal with
Blue Citizenship will make Going Green Fashionable.   It’s all mapped out.  Americans like to feel special and “trendy/fresh”.  American women feel special in Uggs and oddly many think they are “unattractive”.  

A NISSAN Blue Citizenship card will be issued to each owner & our partners will offer discounts to LEAF owners upon presenting win-win J J.  Leaf owners will get a monthly newsletter and can log into the portal & be apart of the NISSAN family.   

I know it’s “touchy feely”…..  treehuggers love that stuff.   Car rental companies have weekend rates that are a lot cheaper since most cars are used for business.

On the NISSAN Blue Citizenship site our “members” can link to weekend deals offered by Hertz, Enterprise, Starbucks & whoever the partners are. 

Let's give people the “freedom” to have a rental car for as long as they need one.    Also, this gives them flexibility of choosing the type of car they want. 
Many might need a Van one weekend to haul the grandkids to soccer & then maybe a compact for a visit to an urban city.   

If you’re having trouble turning those $99 reservations into real sales and want to make the rental car an incentive to buy the LEAF hate to tell you this but if “range” is that BIG of an issue to that customer in America they should NOT own a pure EV instead sell them a new attractive Versa or an Altima. 
???  What are you doing to the Sentra.  Some of those cars will become part of the special planet friendly series that love the planet too. 

NISSAN Be flexible.  Just sell some cars. 

Have A Great Day!!!                            Sharyn

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet

I see the city of Franklin wants to put EV charges in public parks and downtown garages.   PLEASE put one in front of Starbucks on Main Street (near the firehouse).  It’s a prominent location and it will make people “think” about going electric.

Also, on a day that’s rainy, too hot or too cold it makes no sense to have a charger in an “isolated” area one that there’s NOTHING to do.  Granted on a beautiful day one could take a walk.

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