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Readers ???'s
Readers Questions

Reader:    Why Did you never Blog?
Sharyn:  I wanted Control of the information.

Reader:     How much time do you spend on "thoughts"
Sharyn:   Not much time was involved.  I have a notebook filled with idea's, concerns and problems and originally I wanted to make a list and hand it over to human resources but since nobody in that departmart wanted to hear my concerns the notebook was full.  Actually I have several notebooks.  

Reader:    Why did you not use spell check?
Sharyn:     Good question.  The issue I have with spell check is that sometimes the wrong word appears and it changes to something that completley changes the "thought"  I'm not perfect so what you see for the most part is "as is".   In the past usually what I create goes to editing first.  This website has NO editor.    :)

Reader:    How long will the website be up?        
Sharyn:    I have no idea.  My hope is not much longer.  When people google me it pops up.  Change is happening at Nissan so I would suspect not much longer.

Reader:    How long did it take you to complete college since you worked so many places?
Sharyn: 17 years.  I graduated from high school at the age of 16.  I started taking classes at the junior college then (my parents paid for tuition until I was 18).  Not knowing what degree I wanted I tried everything.  At one point I thought about becoming a metereolgist, then an economist, then a lawyer, then communications.   When I did apply to get my degree I had about twice the number of credits needed &  they were from a variety of colleges.   I could have completed my studies in 4 years like most.  Life offered me many roads.  The opportunities were too tempting, I did not want  to just read about the world from a book I wanted to see the world.  I wanted to meet the people and taste the food. 

Reader:    How could you deem the letters from legal as VOID?
Sharyn:    I know it's not "normal" to be that dismissive to a legal letter, but this situation was not normal.  The people in legal that wrote the letters were part of the problem.  

Reader:  Do you really hate the cube?
Sharyn:     YES!!!  That said....People are buying it and that's great.  I do think many more people will buy the new Sentra.
Choice is a GREAT thing.   

Reader:    Who is the reader asking these questions.
Sharyn:    Me....  This is a writing technique that some use to advertise products that people don't understand.
it's different and I'm sure the electric car people have already done this.    

Reader:  What about writing a book?
Sharyn:    My "thought" is to write a memoirs in 2045.   Goals change, new roads are built.  I like challanges.

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