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term paper from 1992

Going through a box of papers and pictures I found a  paper that I wrote for a Sacramento State Professor.   Remember when I said I had WAY to many credits in college.  Well California had a program for those in college to receive "affordable" health care.  During my 17 years in school I had health insurance for about 15 years.  I learned the hard way in the mid 90's that insurance is important, having medical problems with out it left me with nothing.  

I hope to NEVER be in that position again.... GET IT!!!

This professor at the college located in the Sacramento, the California State Capital  knew I was busy and to keep the 6 credits needed  for my health insurance so on a few occasions he'd let me write about my experiences giving me 3 credits calling it an "internship".   

I liked school, and had good relationships with those that taught me (later in life), always making time for a beer and a debate with those that wanted to continue after class discussions.

When looking at the paper, please don't look at the typos...  Just the words.
Even with a simple paper I had a form of ROADBLOCK/challange.
It was supposed to be a 10 page paper and it's only 9 pages.  I defended successfully that 2 of pages with "limited" words were symbolic and needed to be such, to maintain the papers integrity. .  Also, the arguement that I was MOST happy at winning was had I double spaced the intro I would have had 10 pages.

Today when I read the very last sentance on the  last page.  I had to smile.

Nothing has been changed to this document. The original was scanned.Only one name has been taped over for privacy.    

Have A Great Day!!!



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